Can You Guess…

… what this picture is of?

I’ll tell you tomorrow…

Righty-o… its tomorrow, so here’s the answer! Cheryl and Katy were the closest to correct. It is indeed a picture of two arms, that’s my arm on the left and NMOTB’s arm on the right! ANYONE will look tanned next to me- but we’ve always been like this- all our lives my bestest nest friend was the one with the tan and I was the one who made people snowblind! Scary innit!?!? These are our legs!

Talk about opposites attracting eh, we are so different its actually quite incredible. And this very year we celebrate our twenty fifth anniversary as bestest best friends!! We met back in 1982 when Sister B and I changed schools, and we’ve been friends ever since!

10 thoughts on “Can You Guess…

  1. melany: doesn’t it just make you sick! i’m just glad we didn’t take the pictures in the sun… even dylan’s jaw dropped when he saw the pictures!

  2. The legs one shows it the best! And she does get a great tan so easily. It’s just not fair!

  3. lol – I actually didn’t even notice your arm in the picture, I thought it was background.

  4. all bodies: scary sight eh? i have mentioned that i am white- as in never had a tan in my life…

  5. Well, hell’s bells. I have exactly the same image on my computer too!

    It’s Angel’s arm on the right, just next to the left side of her torso.

    Do I win a prize?

  6. That is SO funny that the two of you have the same pic up! i haven’t been to New Mom’s yet, but i will after this!

    My guess would be–two arms lying right beside each other. One white, one black (think I see some freckles).But who knows??

  7. Now I will be damned!!! I have the exact same pic up on my blog too!!! How is that for great minds think alike and google in the same place????? Shit this is freaky!!!! (or did you peak and put it up after me?). Lets see if our dear blog friends can guess it right!!!

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