It’s Off To school We go…

Today was Damien’s first day at the new private school I’m sending him to. He was so nervous and fidgety that he was making the car bounce while I was driving him to school. He was neatly dressed in his grey jeans, a t-shirt he got for Christmas and his grey Lizzards. It was almost strange to be taking him to school dressed so casually! The school t-shirt that he’ll be wearing as of tomorrow is black with a small school logo on the front in green (where the breast pocket would be) and it looks pretty cool.
We went to the school reception and another grade nine learner was called to show Damien around- and as the other kid came in the door, another one came in just behind him who Damien knew! They greeted each other and shook hands and introduced each other all round. It was so relaxed and Damien was actually smiling and chatting to the others. Compared to his first day at school last year when he was alone and didn’t know anyone, this was a world apart! I didn’t dare hug or kiss him- I just said goodbye and that I’d see him after school.
Anyhoo, when I left there I was so relieved I was almost floating! I really think this will be a good year for us.

12 thoughts on “It’s Off To school We go…

  1. Pardon me, “private” in South Africa is like “private” in America (as opposed to “private” in England), right?

    I’m just guessing because of your mention of the school t-shirt.

  2. dino… um, katy… um- what am i calling you this week?: very cool- and much cheaper than last year!

    allan: thanx allan!

    terri: yay indeed- and thats not his ass LOL!
    ps- i read your comment aloud and damien looks at me and says “what did you do…?”

    paul:thanx paul!

  3. great news angel! having a friend there sounds like it may have given him the extra boost we all could do with on our first day!

    i wish you both all the very best!

    mwah x

  4. jeans and tshirts in private school? Cool that he already knows people that makes it easier to be there

  5. spookie: mwaaaaaaaahahahahaha at ‘addjgt’

    s.w.: i’m SO hoping damien can finish high school at this school… i don’t think i can handle another change, LOL!

    katt: thanx katt!

    nmotb: you did indeed doll! dylan looks SO cute in his uniform!

    steven: aw come on steven… its way too early in the year to be completely negative…

  6. Thats exactly what I said to you yesterday pal – We are all in for a good year – I can feel it in my bones!!!!! Glad to hear Damien did ok today!!!!

  7. Wow Angel! The school sounds fantastic! I agree, I think it is going to be a good year for you both.

    Wonderful News!

  8. Hi, Angel — thanks for stopping by my place! 🙂

    I love to hear people say “it’s goig to be a good year for us.” I think what happens in life is 99 percent attitude. Okay, maybe 85 percent attitude. Uh… 60 percent?

    Anyway, attitude has a lot to do with what you make of life. And you have a great attitude, so you’ll go far!

    I know how you feel, too… my son has been “the new kid” at school too many times to think about. But we’re staying put now, we’ve been here three years and he actually has friends. Yay!

  9. I have that same feeling for us this year too…

    lol at word veri – “addjgt” ( jittery fidgety adder – lol!!)

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