10 thoughts on “Check This Out Bunnies!

  1. Yeah angel I had another bad episode today. It lasted 4 hours and I just knew with all that pain I would pass the damn thing, but I didn’t and here I am just waiting some more. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. allan: i truly wish i could have a dragon of my own… and please ‘scuse my ignorance- but what’s “est”?

    steven: thanx dude- i consider that high praise coming from you!

  3. dino: so how’d you figure that eh?

    atyllah: thanx… a novel would be WAY in the future…

    vangie: thanx girl- MWAH!

    h.e.: thanx dude! electric chair fundraising eh, why would they need that- doesn’t the tax man pay for executions?

  4. Cool! You are the Dragon Lady…you should keep it progressing into a story and become the next Rowling.

    A far cry from the Electric Chair Fundraising in Florida where they used to sell T Shirts with pictures of ‘Old Smokey’ on them.

  5. Now what does this make? Novel idea number 432? I thought so. You are a veritable story making machine. Good on you girlie!

  6. Hope you are going to treat that little piece as the start of a novel – it’s got great potential!

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