Aaaaaalrighty Then

I take it from the quietness of the blogosphere that I am not the only one having hassles with Blooger Dot Com. . .
Anybody out there?

6 thoughts on “Aaaaaalrighty Then

  1. michelle: i was also fine after i switched! but for some reason the last week has been incredibly slow and keeps telling me there’s no connection!

    nmotb: urgh!

    spookie: oh shush you!

    katy katy katy: no, not yet! i’ll come check up on you (if it was my darling robbie i’ll never speak to you again)!

    cheryl: aaaah- a usa holiday- that explains everything!

  2. I’m still here . . . just taking my time getting around to everyone’s blog this week!! yesterday was a vacation here in the US and the kids were home, so just starting to surf around today!
    Hope you’re having a good one1!

  3. You and me both Michelle!! No problems here either. So you can all go and visit me!! LOL

  4. I am still battling – even took my laptop to work to try during the morning and I still cant get in! Will try again!

  5. I must be the only one NOT having hassles! I transferred to the new blogger no hassle, and it’s gone all peachy ever since…

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