Now Now- Don’t Get You Knickers In A Twist

I just thought I’d mention (since Gareth already did me the disfavour of reminding me) that it’s almost Valentines Day… and I absolutely looooooathe it. I’ve had shirty Valentines Days ever since 1991- even when I wasn’t single (1990 was the last time I was well and truly spoiled and treated like I was special). Last year I boycotted it and wore all black- even a black silk rose, corsage style- on my wrist.

And now Gareth has had a brainwave- one of those brainwaves that, when I read it I thought, “I wish I’d thought of that!”

What he’s done is proposed to trade virtual VD cards (sounds luuuuvery dunnit) with the other singletons in the blogosphere who’d like to play along! I’ve decided that I’m going to do the same. Drop me an email if you’d like one from me- and I’d love for you to reciprocate!

4 thoughts on “Now Now- Don’t Get You Knickers In A Twist

  1. spookie & katy: i will not be speaking to anyone who gets spoiled for the duration of valentines day!

    vangie: and you summed it up so beautifully too! so are we going to trade snarky cards for the hell of it?

  2. Yes, a virtual venereal disease is much preferred over a real one. Oh wait…that’s not the VD you were referring to. And thus my summation of my opinion of Valentine’s Day is made.

  3. i love the idea. I am lucky and my hubby is very thoughtfull when it comes to those things but for everyone not as lucky this is a great Idea

  4. I am secretly hoping to get a wee something this year from my hubby. Even if it’s a piece of chocolate from a slab – ANYTHING. LOL!!!
    I mean I know VD is all just a money making scam – but it is nice to know you are still loved and special to a certain person in the world.

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