We Got A Parcel!

Dawn Unplugged is just the sweetest most darlingest friendly and lovable blogger there is!!!! She sent us all a Christmas pressie! It took 3 weeks and 6 days to get here and arrived the day before we were due to start panicking… there’s something in it for myself and Damien, for Spookie and her boys, for my mommy darling, for my sister C, for NMOTB and her boys, for my nephew N (Dawn is a member of his fan club), as well as for NMOTB’s young karate teammate Shaun, who had a brain tumour operation last year!
We’re all getting together tonight to open the parcel (I can tell you- it’s immensely tempting to have it sitting on my living room floor and not being able to open it)!

Tonight we all trekked off to NMOTB’s place- nearly driving Mr. NMOTB bezonkers with the house suddenly full of people (we were all there except nephew M- still at school and sister C- on holiday)… and then we opened the parcel. On the way there, nephew N was immensely excited about getting more Father Christmas presents (as he says) and Damien has just been dying to open the box since we fetched it from the post office yesterday! There was a Christmas card for all of us, and a list of what went to whom (just in case the stickers had come unstuck en-route).
My mommy darling got a beautiful magnetic weekly calendar and pen, nephew N got a set of cars (which he played with immediately and identified for anyone who looked his way), Damien got a NY Jets cap (and he hasn’t taken it off all night), myself, sister B and sister C each got a “superhero” t-shirt, NMOTB and sister B’s boys each got a t-shirt or a track top with a theme specially chosen for them (NMOTB’s Ryan- karate and Dylan- rugby), NMOTB got a bag with the different coloured karate belts on it and NMOTB’s friend Sean (who had a tumour removed from his brain last year) got a karate themed poster!
This was such fun- and we were so noisy! I think Mr. NMOTB nearly wanted to cheer when we all finally left!
the open boxnephew D with his track topdamien with his new cap (note- he’s already wearing one so it was very well chosen)me with my T-shirtsister B with her T-shirtnephew N on receipt of his box of carsMommy darling with her calendarNMOTB’s Goose and his karate T-shirtNMOTB’s Dillies with his rugby T-shirtNMOTB’s friend Sean and his karate poster

nephew S with his T-shirtNMOTB with her karate bagthe weather when we finished playing Santa…

After we finished oohing and aahing and examining everybody’s pressies, we all hooked up with Dawn on IM for a chat to say thank you.

Dawn- you are truly one in a million! Love you madly!

9 thoughts on “We Got A Parcel!

  1. spookie: i wore my superhero shirt today too!

    nmotb: i was counting down the hours too doll- and i think your mr nmotb is so sweet to have us all over there out of the blue!

    mommy darling: love you to the moon too!

    melany: it was spectacular!

    katy katy katy: it was a blast- d’you like the pics?

    katt: i’m REAL sure- i can see a woolies foodmarket from my kitchen window!

  2. This sounds like so much fun!

    By the way, that last photo looks very much like one I took here on the pharm a while ago… are you sure you aren’t my neighbour?

  3. It was good fun!! And irealised when I got home that I gave Sean Markes top, so they swapped when we got home.

    It was so wonderful – and I am wearing my Superhero t-shirt today to work!!

  4. Jeepers that was fun!!!! Oh and don’t worry, Mr. NMOTB was just fine and tootled off to bed as soon as everyone left (I think we tired him out more that anything else – hehehehehehe).

  5. i luv getting presents like that. Yahhhhh have fun opening it tonight and please take pictures

  6. I see that Dawn is Jewish – how precious is this to send us all a Christmas prezzie – impressive! So, so special.
    Love you to the mooooooooooooooooooon!
    Mommy Darling

  7. I have been counting down the hours and it is almost time!!!!!! See you tonight – DONT BE LATE!!! lol

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