Damien Is Gonna Make Me Rich!

On Monday in class, the learners had to come up with a new invention to sell, something they could market and possibly even make a living off of. Damien won the chocolate that was up for grabs because he came up with…
I tell you, bunnies- sheer bloody genius!
I (being the caffeine addict that I am, having replaced my nicotine with caffeine nearly three years ago) mentioned that coffee with nicotine in could be good too- ‘coz then I wouldn’t have to annihilate my lungs any more than I already have…

4 thoughts on “Damien Is Gonna Make Me Rich!

  1. Bucking frilliant, that! I can’t stand it and that’s amazing when that happens, it’s been in front of us all along and your son has hit it out of the park (baseball expression for a home run).

  2. katy katy katy: south africa is actually VERY anti-smoking, they’re actually in process of strenghtening the laws around it (no advertising, no smoking in public places, etc). but the exercise was to make the kids think creatively.

    katt: heh heh- like i said… i’m gonna be rich!

  3. I am surprised the teacher let him win – I guess they are not as anti smoking as they are here

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