We Saw The Comet!

We saaaaaaw the cooooooomet and yooooou diiiiidn’t!
Nya nya nya nya nyaaaaaaaa!And I couldn’t believe it was as easy as they said it would be on the news! I was driving to my sister’s on Tuesday night at about 7:30pm and Damien and I were talking about
the comet and whether we’d be able to see it- but the sky was very cloudy and there was lots of lightning so we pretty much wrote it off as impossible. Then we turned down the road to head for my sister, and there it was! Right where I told Damien to watch for it (they told us on the news- I’m not quite as smart as all that, heh heh)! I could not believe it, bunnies- it’s huge and very obviously a comet- we could see its tail and everything! It was so cool!

9 thoughts on “We Saw The Comet!

  1. steve: oh I like a show off!

    vangie: ooh ooh- am i geeky too then!?!?! yay! poor steve…

    melany: hi- i read your post- fabulous!

    katy katy katy: sadly no- i was driving- and by the time we crested the next hill and my camera was ready the clouds had closed up again…

    spookie: i’m so glad you saw it too! what did the boys think? wasn’t it magnificent?

    mommy darling: xx smooches xx

    katt: aaaaw- all the way home- i’m jealous!

  2. We saw it too, last night. We were driving home and I looked at the time and thought that it was too late to see it. Then I looked up and there it was, in all its glory.

    Flyboy said he saw Halley’s and this one was much, much better.

    It was like watching a never ending shooting star. We followed it all the way home.

    Spectacular stuph!

  3. I DID see it too so there! At least this time you did not want tostay asleep ……… love you!

  4. Apparently it’s “head” is bigger than Mount Everest!! They said on the news this morning how long it’s tail is too – but I cannot remember – and I don’t want to lie. But it is something million. Very long!! I saw it too – beautiful!!

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