I’m Going To Pierce My Ears!

Yup- I have decided that since its about twenty years since I tried last (when it didn’t work and the holes wouldn’t heal properly) so I’m going to give it a bash at the end of this month.

Nope- I don’t have pierced ears… is that hard to believe? To be honest- piercing them gives me cold shivers… it scares the bejeebers outta me. I’ll go for another tattoo tomorrow if I can, but I’m afraid of piercing!

14 thoughts on “I’m Going To Pierce My Ears!

  1. dawn: ag its just another “dawn-ism”

    cheryl: if they heal properly, i’m going to try and stick to just one in each ear… maybe…

    supermom: its a NEEDLE doll- going right THROUGH my earlobe!!!

  2. lol You gotta agree that’s kinda funny. Piercing is over so quickly and not sore. Think about it this way – 6 year old girls ASK for it…can’t be that bad. 😉

  3. I think I was 13 when I got my ears pierced,but I’m “boring” and have just the one piercing in each ear. For some reason, I just don’t like the idea of more than the one although a lot of my friends have several.
    No tatoos either, although I’ve always really kinda wanted just one teeny one.
    Good luck on the piercing!!

  4. trini: heh heh- thank goodness i’m not alone- i’ve got three tattoos already!

    vangie: yet another thing we have in common!

    terri: thanx for the ego boost doll- and as soon as damien patents them i’ll let you know!

    katy katy katy: i’m very keen to add earrings to my jewellery collection!

    spookie: heh heh- your favourite movie quote innit?

    katt: its just lately that i’ve got a thing about my ears again…

    nmotb: thanx tjomma! i checked out the meme!

    dawn: i don’t remember the pain- just the swollen red sausages like vangie had… but i’m so chicken about needles going through my skin!

  5. So I am skeeming of changing my name to the “box lady” as “doos lady” just sounds too wierd for those who might understand it. I skeem tats vs ears proves what a strange and interesting woman you are. Pierced ears does make gift buying a whooooooole lot easier – lol. Good luck if you go – mine was a quick and pretty much painless experience – a lot of stining for a few minutes is what I recall. Love to you. xxooxx

  6. Aw that sounds cool! Need me to go with you to hold your hand? (I will, you know I will).

    BTW, I have done that MEME you tagged me with – I know, bout bloody time! Anyway’s pop over to check it out!

    Love You Madly,


  7. I don’t have my ears pierced either. I’ve just never wanted to.

    But I must admit, that ear ornament in the piccie is very pretty.

  8. i had my ears pierced when I was 14 didn’t like it. To this day I rarely wear earings. Lately I have to force the earrings because the holes are starting to close. Yeah I am more likely to do another tatoo than a piercing.

  9. PS… Let me know when Damien starts taking orders for those caffeinated cigarettes, hehe…

  10. You have tattoos and a teenage son. Trust me, you can handle having your ears pierced, lol!

  11. I never had pierced ears either. Tried at 14 and ended up with red, swollen sausages for lobes. But, on my 30th birthday it was my gift to myself to have them done and that was four years ago (almost five – yikes!) and I’ve never had a problem. Nothing makes me feel more feminine and sparkly than pretty earrings. Good for you!

  12. dude- me too- 5 tattoos and wanting more, but when i got my ears pierced as an adult i creid like a baby and will never pierce anything again!
    walk good.

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