Planetarium Or Bust!

Earlier this week, my mommy darling had a brain-wave, so on Friday night, the family (sans sister B, Happy, nephew M and nephew D) trekked off to the Planetarium in Jo’burg for a show themed around the moon!
It was fascinating… the images were spectacular! They set up a small portable telescope outside and we looked at the moon- you could see it so clearly you could count the craters! Damien had a look and as he stepped away for the next person in the queue to have a look, the astronomer talking to us said “That’s the most UN-interested look I’ve ever seen on anyone’s face!” Damien smiled sheepishly and I giggled, saying something about morose teenagers and how they’re not allowed to look intrigued by anything! At least I know I’m not seeing things! Then we went inside for the show proper. I tell you, seeing stars so clearly was magical! But it was more than a little neck wrenching! They also showed us some video clips and photographs taken on the moon by the American astronauts as well as outlining a brief history about the attempts to land on, orbit and photograph the moon.
Okay bunnies- now try this.
Tip your head all the way back, while sitting up straight. Now look from side to side as though you’re looking around a massive domed ceiling. Do that for a little over an hour.
The seats in there are terrible- they have these little headrest thingies ‘coz you spend most of the time looking up at the domed ceiling… but the seat doesn’t lean back at all and it just kills your neck!!

this was on the way there:
damien & nephew n when we got there:
damien looking at the moon:
the projector- 76 years old:
al of us waiting for the show to start:

6 thoughts on “Planetarium Or Bust!

  1. ‘Trekked’ off to Jo’burg … sounds funny to a Jo’burger! I used to love going and totally remember how neck breaking it was. Looks like a fun family outing though. Mommy Darling is mos clever, hey!?

  2. jirre those seats!!! they really need an upgrade – just don’t think they have the moola to do it.

    I heard plans about a year or so ago that the ciy wanted to build a new planetarium in Newtown – similar to what has been done by the Joburg Art Gallery.

    Not sure what has come of it.. must look it up! Remember it being such an ab fab project!

    Have you signed up for the Planetarium’s emails? They’re really good about emailing people details of what is happening in our night skies, and where one can find this comet and this star and this moon etc etc etc. It’s fascinating!

  3. katy katy katy: apart from necks that felt like we’d been headbanging… it was fun.

    nmotb: yup- thats the last time i was there too!

    supermom: they showed us a short depiction of what the comet looked like, but they didn’t have much footage on it… i gather it caught them by suprise!

  4. WE went to the planetarium in school too. When we looked at the comet I actually told my folks that we should take the boys

  5. Jeepers that was a nice outing – I remember going to the planetarium when we were in school!!

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