Sunday Scribblings #44

TomCat recently introduced me to this and I’m quite eager about trying it! Ever since Purgatorian shuttered his page (I miss you stax dude), thereby putting an end to “Flash Fiction Friday”… my weekends have felt kinda empty with no creative writing mission to keep my brain occupied. Thankfully, people like Jason Evans continue to give me a reason to write with regular projects and competitions, but I do miss my weekend fixes!
Go check out Jason and “Sunday Scribblings” if you want to work out your writing muscle!

This week, Sunday Scribblings #44 gave us the word “Chronicles” for inspiration. Here’s what I came up with.

I couldn’t seem to help myself.
If sat down somewhere to have a coffee, without realizing it I’d be taking notes about the people around me and whatever I was eating or drinking.
Boring stuff; mundane, everyday happenings; nothing vaguely important or spectacular… yet every time I started a new journal, I wondered if this would be the one to make me famous- posthumously of course- if it was discovered in that ever fabulous and almost mythical “one day”.
I had a diary (sometimes more than one) for every year of my life starting when I was fourteen years old. Back then I had imagined myself a journalist and saw myself winning awards for hard hitting pieces on politics and wars… back when I thought my childish opinions actually mattered.
How different my life had turned out!
Now it’s almost twenty years later, and I am far from famous. I’m not even a journalist! No awards. No newspaper columns. No prize winning magazine articles.
Now, I’m a blogger.
Just another one of the millions and millions and millions of bloggers around the world.
Now- instead of hoping that one or all of my diaries will be found one day- and that someone may just find it interesting enough to make a movie about me and my life (with Angelina Jolie playing me, and a happy ending with me in Robbie William’s arms… of course), I “publish” it myself. Putting just about everything I used to write on diaries onto the internet for all to read and comment on.
Now my chronicles are public and will forever be accessible on the World Wide Web.
If I could just get me some fame… or money into the mix…

9 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #44

  1. Fame and money are two words that don’t belong int he same sentence witht he world blog. 😉


  2. t.c.: heh heh… that’s at least cool- i keep getting hits for the picture of “darlene cates” where my post was titled ‘too fat for photoshop’!

    remiman: “chronicler of my time”… i like that!

    debs: thanx for stopping by!

    paris parfait: love your title… thanx for the welcome!

    gautami: i’ll be right over!

  3. Well the thing about writing for newspapers, etc. is you don’t write about yourself. So in that sense, a blog is better for chronicling your life’s events- more like a journal or diary, with a twist (that lots of other people read!). Welcome to SS!

  4. Love your blog…just found it via Supermom’s…your comment on the matric dance…LOVELY STORY. It’s so special!

    Huge hugs

    (Ex-South AFrican)

  5. Angel
    Yup, now you’re a blogger and soon you’ll say you’re a chronicler of your time.
    Hey ya gotta start

  6. Sunday Scribblings is indeed fab, aint it?

    I reckon you’re rather famous, at least in the blogging community? I mean, tons of people visit your site daily, right?

    Weirdly enough, my blog is famous for photos of Channing Tatum. I get hit on daily as a result of searchers for ‘Channing Tatum photos.’ Alas they all run away after they’ve viewed the photos, and do not become regular blog readers. *sigh*

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