Blogger-wards Of Mine

These were taking up an awful lot of sidebar space since I have SOOO many…


Ahem… right, picking myself up off the floor here…

So anyhoodle, I’ve decided to move them into an “archived” post with a sidebar link so you can have the option of checking them out if you want to. They’re more or less in order with the most recent one being at the top.

So, CamiKaos has given all the Bad Mommy Bloggers an F-Bomb award!!! Teehee, I try not to drop the F-bomb if I can help it, but I do use it when I get severely pissed off.

Cami, who lives over at Mommified Me, has seen right through me! I got this one for being a complete and utter CamiKaos groupie!!!

Simply Curious Girl says I’m a Llamalicious Mommy Blogger!!! Isn’t that just the coolest!!

Sweetass knows me waaay to well! Gotta love this!!! I wonder if she’s been spying on me…

Yay Yay…!! Lee thinks I’m cool, how awesome is that!!

Allan at Camelsbackandforth reckons I can schmooze… perhaps I should put it to the test sometime?

YEEHAH!!! My bestest best friend thinks I rock!!!

This was my first ever bloggerward, courtesy of Terri with web stuff, she thinks I deserve it!

And then here’s the one I hand out whenever I feel like doing so… seven at a time ‘coz it’s my favourite number…

Thus far I have given it to the following bloggers:

My bestest best friend, NSNMOTB, and you can see Inside Her World

An awesome dude who’s Living The Glugster Life

A Sowff Effrikun chick who’s divorced with a Sweetass

Faerie has a private blog called Infinity

a Sowff Effrikun Supermom

a fantastical happy-clappy Christian mom who goes by Doula Mel

Pat, who really is Eternally Curious

Dawn, a SAFFA in NJ who is always Unplugged

a REAL thinking blogger who calls his page Homo Escapeons

Shebee, who wonders what would happen If These Walls Could Talk…

Allan who lives at Camelsbackandforth

Within Without is the dude that writes Snippets from Spaceship Orion

Fish writes his Fishizems… sadly no longer in English

a SAFFA named Terri who lives in Ireland

Some of them I’ve been reading forever and a day, and some are new to my list… but my life would not be the same without them!!!

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