Yesterday was HECTIC Bunnies!!!

In the morning, I got a message from Damien that he’d forgotten his meds and was having a hard time sitting still… ADHD and teenage hormones make for strange bedfellows, bunnies, if you’ve never experienced it its very hard to explain… when he hasn’t had his meds, EVERYTHING is hysterically funny and he giggles like an escapee from a psychiatric ward, ALL THE TIME… he also is completely incapable of sitting still- flapping his hands around and twitching his legs and feet.
So I drove to the school to give him his meds… which entailed a stop at home to fetch them, which then resulted in my leaving my car keys in the flat somewhere- which I only realised when I got back to the car, and I couldn’t find them when I went back upstairs so I took my spare keys, which (when I got back to the car) I realised didn’t have a remote control on for the gate, so I had to drive to the gate- jump out and open it using the gate code- then run back to the car and drive out before the gate closed again! By then I was exhausted!
I also collected my new cellular phone- a moto krazr– which came with a free Sanyo mini hi-fi, which I’m loving- I played with that while I charged the phone last night… listened to Annie Lennox and Fleetwood Mac. Heavenly! I haven’t had a hifi in my livingroom for about two years…
AND… I DID IT! I had my ears pierced (see picture) finally… (and I yelled “OW!” at the top of my lungs when she did my second ear, scaring the bejeebers outta the other occupants of the chemist)!
And then Damien and I and mommy and daddy darling attended a meet-and-greet bring and braai at Damien’s new school! Which meant I first had to stop at Pick ‘ Pay to get something to actually take to the braai! I met some of Damien’s teachers and joined the parents association! Great, GREAT, fun. The school really is tiny (about 75 students) and I even met some other parents- which was a first for me! Damien also brought his first monthly performance report home with most of the comments saying “good” for classwork, homework and behaviour. He’s very pleased with it!

10 thoughts on “Yesterday was HECTIC Bunnies!!!

  1. supermom: his school really is tiny- damien’s last two years in primary school were also in a tiny private school!

  2. Yeah for the piercing!!!
    That is such a tiny school! There’s more grade 1’s in Quintus’ school than in that entire school!

  3. katy katy katy: you mean our horrible, flat way of speaking doesn’t completely boggle your brain!?!?! cool- maybe she can teach you one of out local languages!

    nmotb: one of you eh… hhhmmmm… i passed your wishes to damien, he said “cool”.

    spookie: it didn’t hurt at all- i was actually surprised! and i’m loving my new phone! i passed your congratulations to damien- he said “cool”.

    budvo-dawn: that was very funny dawn! “hunt the comment” can be exceptionally entertaining!

    peong: it was a gun… the guns are usually free if you buy the earrings. the professional places use a needle and they charge rather a lot. its funny you should ask about a nose ring… heh heh, kidding! i am going to wait and make sure my ears heal properly this time, then i may consider further piercing… but sadly the amount of time i spend sneezing and blowing my nose sorta eliminates the possibility of a nose piercing.

  4. righty-o, here’s the comment meant for this post that dawn left on katy’s page… somehow…

    I am so pleased you survived your piercing and had a good lag – I can picture the YELL! How manic WERE YOU REALLY with the whole remote/door/timing issue – I used to do that so often in SA … and the charge of beating the garage gates. I feel sad for Damien when I read of how intensenly not taking his meds impacts on his day. Superhero to the rescue, china – you are amazing. I am THRILLED to hear how a-ok everything seems to be going at the school – that is fantastic for everyone, especially D-Man. Have a great weekend. Love and hugs to you. xox

    the comment dawn wrote for katy has gone awol- so if anyone finds a comment seemingly completely unrelated to the post its attached to, its priobably dawn’s one for katy… get it? got it? good.
    maybe we really could make a game outta this- sort of a “find the mystery comment” thing or some such!

  5. Congrats on making it through the hectic day. I can totally relate! And nice job on the earrings? With a gun or a needle. I’ve done both and find that the gun sucks compared to using a needle. When do you get the nose ring? 🙂

  6. Ok my china, this probably ranks as one my greatest blogging/technlogical achievements ever … if you would like to read the comment I left for this post – go over to dino/katy’s blog – cos it ended up there … on the post before her current one. Where the comment I posted for her ended up I have no clue, ‘cos when I checked back here for it, it wasn’t here – so I went and tried to post it again for her, which I finally succeeded to do today on her current post. Are you confused yet, GOOD – ‘cos so am I.
    Love you my budvo. (explanation to that can be found in Spookelina’s comments from today – haha) xox

  7. OK – stop, breathe, need to catch my breath….


    This was a funny post! I enjoyed it! Glad you did your ears – how’d you sleep? Did it hurt?

    Totally jealous of you new phone! Mine is such a sucky piece of plastic!

    Well done Damien on your monthly reports!!

    Love you madly BYE!!

  8. lol – I hate it when that happens!!! (But luckily not too often).

    Glad you enjoyed the braai and good for you for joining the PTA!

    WTG Damien – Keep it up and make your mom even more proud than what she already is!!!

  9. wow i am exhausted just reading it. I met my south african au pair yesterday she seems very nice. love the accent.

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