An Older Adult’s Lament: “Just What Is This World Coming To!?!”

The other morning I was driving Damien to school (Monday I think), and we were stopped at a traffic light. A big, white double cab bakkie stopped next to us. While we were stopped there, Damien was fixing his hair, which was still wet after he washed it in the morning and he had put some gel in it- I was helping him make sure he had no “bald spots” on the back of his head after he finished rearranging his “do”.
I felt that “I’m being watched” feeling and I glanced through Damien’s window… and noticed that the man in the bakkie was watching us intently. And not us so much as Damien, and because he didn’t realise I was looking at him he didn’t look away. Bunnies- this mans face was an absolute picture! Damien’s long hair and lack of uniform clearly did not impress this guy… Considering what the standard for South African schools has always been, Damien really does look very different. I mean, our “traditional” schools have always and still insist on a full, semi-formal uniform (with ties and a blazer in winter for highschool, for girls and guys) which costs the parents a small fortune! An extract from a set of standard school rules would probably read something like this:
…a neat appearance is imperative…
…boys’ hair may not touch the collar or the tops of the ears…
…no make up may be worn whatsoever…
…no jewelry may be worn (except medic-alert bracelets or necklaces)…
…girls may wear one small stud or sleeper earring…
…girls hair must be tied back at all times…
The colour of shoes, socks (and in extreme cases even underwear) is specified.
I could practically read his thoughts in his eyes “This modern parenting stuff is such a crock…!”
I giggled about it all the way to the school!

5 thoughts on “An Older Adult’s Lament: “Just What Is This World Coming To!?!”

  1. steven: had i not had a uniform- i woulda been in a dork costume too!

    supermom: yup- i woulda loved the tracksuit and tackies! as for the uniform- you won’t believe how many people have said something along the lines of “…no pressure to fit in…” or “…uniforms mean no concern about labels…” but from what i’ve found so far, its a non-issue and damien is much happier!

    katy katy katy: mwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha! how cool is that to shock your school mates!

    terri: um… maybe you do need a zimmer frame- you were here a coupla days ago!
    as for “young people these days”, thats what you say. i say “GO TO YOUR ROOM AND DON’T COME OUT TILL YOU CAN SPEAK TO ME IN A CIVIL TONE OF VOICE!”

  2. Well Dino-aka-katy that sounds like me as a teen, too lol!

    Hi Angel! Haven’t been here in a while and I just had a good long catch-up read on all your posts I missed. I especially enjoyed your ‘Sunday Scribblings #44’ post.

    As for this one well these days I often find that I’m the one saying “What is this world coming to?”, or my other favourite, “Young people these days..”!!!
    Eish, let me go get my zimmer frame…

  3. we never had school uniforms thank god. but i would always dress like a grey mouse that way the teachers never paid attention to what i was doing and i got away with a lot.

    the other fun part was when my class mates started to go out and show up in the clubs I had gone to for years they didn’t recognize in my “normal” clothes. it was so much fun

  4. lol I can just imagine his face. Although I must say I prefer the school uniform. Quintus’ school uniform cost me about R500. No need to worry that he doesn’t fit in with the others. In the winter they wear a tracksuit and takkies. Why didn’t WE have that??

  5. The only uniform I ever wore to school was my dork costume…

    BUt then, I wore that one outside of school as well. 😉


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