Happily Birfdaze Mark!

My eldest (and my first) godson celebrated the end of his 14th year on this earth today!
I truly cannot believe he’s as old as that already! And such a good looking kid too!
When I arrived at sister B’s for cake and tea, I called him aside and said to him in all seriousness, “I am no longer going to buy you a birthday present…” And he, with all the 14 year old coolness he could muster, maintained his smile and tried to hide the double take and just said “…okay…” with an ever so slight upward inflection at the end. Then I started giggling- and then of course he knew I was kidding, and I told him I’d be putting a little money in his bank account every month and would increase it a little every year instead of birthday presents! Then he smiled for real and said “thank you”! This is one kid who likes working with money- he’s incredibly smart and analytical, and when he decides to save his money for something specific there’s no stopping him!
May you be blessed with many many more, Mark!
And sister B, Happy- congratulations on your eldest son’s birthday- you have both done a fabulous job raising him. Sister B, the way you manage to include Mark’s biological mother in their lives is remarkable- I admire you immensely!

2 thoughts on “Happily Birfdaze Mark!

  1. spookie: he definitely looked happy- and without a mom like you that’d never be! i’m so proud of you!

  2. Thank you Angel. And thanks for making his birthday a special one. I really think he had a happy day. Surrounded by family from both sides of his vast family and he had a definite twinkle in his eye all through the day and this morning.
    Love you lots!!!

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