My Weekend In KwaZulu Natal

From top to bottom: leaving Gauteng, entering KwaZulu Natal, our first look at Midmar Dam, my friend’s group setting off (it was 36 degrees celsius in the shade… the swimmers set off in packs- three minutes apart- according to how they’re ceded), Howick falls (stopped there quickly on the way home), the view from my Aunt’s house where we camped (you can even see the dam from her house), my Aunt’s horses Jablan and Stollie, my cousin K (five and a half), my cousin C (two years old), the weather we woke up to on Sunday morning (and why one of the races at Midmar was cancelled).
There’s more coming… as promised…

13 thoughts on “My Weekend In KwaZulu Natal

  1. I read somewhere you were boycotting hearts and roses day – so I thought I would come by and say how much I wish I could send you a backstage pass to guns ‘n roses, instead. xox

  2. reluctant nomad: it does indeed feel like another world… but I do love to be home. The area is exquisite and fabulous for a holiday- but I like my conveniences too much to live there, lol, much to my aunty m’s disgust!

    nmotb: safe and sound and quite luxuriously too (someone else’s air-conditioned-tinted-window pajero)

    katy katy katy: it was hectic, and my little cousin is adorable!

    steven: glad you like them- the falls are quite a tourist attraction- although I’m not sure if the women doing their laundry at the top are part of the appeal

    dawn: so glad you liked the photos! aren’t my li’l cousins just adorable!? The little guy especially- you point at a camera at him and he says “cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese” till he hears the shutter, then he saw “lemme see” and then when you show him the shot he goes “aaaaaaaawwwww c…”!

    phats: I did indeed- and thank you!

    within without: thanx man- and yes, it was a huge jol!

    vangie: hiya doll- i so love to see you here! i’m so excited!

  3. You are so lucky to see such a beautiful place any ol’ time you want to. Oh and by the by – HIYA SCHWEETIE! (somebody has prezzies on the way…tee hee)

  4. Wow, Angel!!! Awesome pix. I’d give my left testicle to be there (OK, maybe not).

    Looks amazing…hope it was as much fun as it looks.

  5. As I was scrolling down I thought there was no text to this post, just pics … and I thought to myself that no words are necessary with such beauty … and I thought how these pictures reminded me of one of my all time favorite books, ‘Cry, The Beloved Country’ by Alan Paton. Welcome back and thanks for the spectacular views of the beloved country … and, how cute ARE these kids? xoxo

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