“There Is Corruption And Then There Is Corruption”

Okay bunnies. I may have mentioned before how I seldom watch the news or read the papers because it makes me angry and I’d rather not be. But South Africa’s Outcome Based Education system requires kids- especially high school- to know what’s going on in the world around them. Not that that’s a bad thing- they’re not all completely cynical yet after all… I could go off on a tangent about how the news is always so negative and repetitive and how it’s always about crime and corruption and so on- but that’s what its there for, right? So instead, here is a prime example why I dislike the news so intently. And this REALLY pisses me off! Winnie Madikizela-Mandela is very tense… {aw shame poor thing} because her house in Soweto was APPARENTLY broken into and she was ALLEDGEDLY robbed of FOUR MILLION RAND WORTH OF JEWELRY. Who the fuck has four million Rand worth of jewelry besides royalty?!? She sure as shit isn’t royalty. She’s not even a member of parliament right now. At one stage she was even under indictment for her involvement in the murder of a young boy. You wanna know why crime isn’t being fought properly and why South Africa’s infrastructure is fucked up in general- this is why. Because people like the former Mrs. Mandela have helped them selves to the money that’s s’posed to be used to do those things- and bought herself jewelry with it. And this wasn’t even all her jewelry bunnies. Oh no. doesn’t it imply that you’re corrupt if the things you own are worth more than you earn? Even in this day and age where credit is so easily available- there must be a line somewhere right? I even know someone who claims to have seen this woman attempt to pay a massive restaurant bill with the national lottery cheque book and when she was refused on principal- she left WITHOUT paying the bill! So why does the robbery of her house make front page headlines when people are being murdered LITERALLY in their beds every single day…? what the fork makes her so special!?!?!

5 thoughts on ““There Is Corruption And Then There Is Corruption”

  1. You know my feeling about this. Bloody hell. Only in South Africa

  2. spookie: oohhhhh yes…

    katy katy katy: its maddening… and no, i didn’t get my laptop fixed yet- the one i’m sposed to use while mine is being fixed is only due back in 2-3 weeks time! and because my work isn’t falling behind (its only really affecting my personal life) its not a HUGE priority…

    imelda: oh you poor dear! were you insured?

  3. those type of stories are why I don’t read the newspaper or watch the news. Like here in the US the papers and news have been full of the whole Anna Nicole crap and Britney in and out of rehab and OMG she shaved her head. WTF where is any of that news worthy while our boys and girls continue to get killed overseas and in our country.
    hey did you get your laptop back?

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