Aaaalrighty Then

It is now two and half weeks since my laptop screen died on me (which equates to three weekends at home with no connection)…
In all likelihood I have about another two weeks (minimum) to wait before I get a replacement laptop!
I’m missing you all terribly…

5 thoughts on “Aaaalrighty Then

  1. My laptop also slightly irritates me because a) it is uber heavy, and b) it cannot function without a power supply, thereby defeating the purpose of a laptop.

    But eish – having no laptop is a gazillion times worse than having a wonky one, neh? I would be depressed. hehe

  2. phats: thanx phats! i fell so out of it! i told damien you say hello, he was impressed since i haven’t switched on my laptop at home in weeks!

    h.e.: an eternity indeed- and its not just weekends… i used to blog and surf at home after hours and now i can’t chat or anything!
    ahem… i am watching tv, AND scrapbooking- but just a little I SWEAR!

    allan: they usually do don’t they, its doing without them thats the shitty part!

  3. An eternity in the blogosphere!
    How are you dealing with the withdrawal?

    You haven’t started talking on the phone, going for walks, visiting neighbours and friends, or watching TV have you?

    There must be an emegency Blog line?

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