So Mom, What Exactly Is PMS…?

Have you ever told your child that you’re experiencing a PMS related mood-swing slash crying jag slash cramp slash hot flash, and they best steer clear?Told them before they’re adults I mean.
I only ask because it came up in conversation over the weekend.

For the most part, we as women are pretty quick to share stuff like that with our mothers and sisters and friends and husbands- but in my experience it’s seldom mentioned in front of the kids. They might hear something about PMS or PMT on a sitcom or a movie (usually in a joke), and through sex education (either from school or mom and dad) they might eventually know what “that time of the month” is. But if I think about it, both girls and boys don’t REALLY learn about PMS till they’re adults and they either have to deal with an unexpectedly and apparently unreasonably hysterical girlfriend- or wanting to smack a boyfriend for asking them if its “that time of the month” with a sardonic smirk on his face.
I have told my knucklehead about PMS- and I am one of the few women on this planet who has never really battled with cramps and so on, unlike my poor sisters… and I reckon there’s nothing wrong with telling one’s child, or children (especially son/s) that you go through something commonly termed “PMS” pretty much once a month (and if you’re lucky only for a coupla days) and that this could encompass everything from mood swings and cramps to crying fits and hot flashes- and often all of them at the same time! And that maybe their treading lightly or leaving you alone for a coupla days may be good for everybody involved.

I think that knowing what to expect could lessen the arguments in a household round “that time of the month”… as well as prepare our boys for what’ll happen one day when they have a girlfriend or wife.
I also think it goes a long way to letting our boys in on the secret that moms are people too…

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  1. I read in a magazine or something somewhere that women have 4 days to a week each month where they feel depressed or down in the dumps and grumpy etc. I laughed when I read this cause my immediate thought was: Ja, and men have only 4 days to week each month when they are NOT down in the dumps or depressed and grumpy. LOL!!!!

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