Hey Bunnies!

I hope you all had a fantabulous weekend- I sure did… I overslept on Saturday morning and missed the 06h30 prayer meeting at the church which I promised to do for Lent, and when I apologised yesterday, it turned out that none of the Lenten volunteers arrived! Isn’t Murphy a bitch!
I am still waiting for a new laptop, and I’ll answer all the comments on the last post later today (thanx for all those!)…
And I just wanted to let you all know- on Friday, Damien’s school closed for the Easter holidays- three weeks in total. As a result, he brought home a report card for the first term. I was speechless when I read it- in fact, I nearly swallowed my tongue! He got a 54.7% average bunnies!!!! I am so immensely proud of him, especially since the highest he managed last year was about 37%!!! It’s a huge improvement, and I don’t think Damien realises how big a jump he’s made.
We spent the afternoon mall crawling and went to the movies on Saturday night (we watched “Night At The Museum” which really is very funny) to celebrate his achievement.
I am so hoping I get my laptop back ASAP… I am so behind in my support groups and this is seriously starting to drive me nuts!

8 thoughts on “Hey Bunnies!

  1. Hi guys(you and damien)
    Sorry I have been MIA lately.

    Big ups to damien for that GREAT improvement that is awesome. Keep it up buddy!

    I want to see night at the museum looked funny, recommend it?

  2. Hi There buddy!!!! Jeepers you have been very quiet! WELL DONE TO DAMIEN!!!!!!! (We will have to do a Wimpy Breaky to celebrate)!!!! Hey, we are leaving on Friday for Hols – are we gonna see you before then?????

    love and miss ya madly – Gen

  3. Boy, I haven’tbeen by here in AGES but I’mtrying to take the time this week to visit some blogs I’ve missed lately! Just been super-busy!!
    Congrats on the grade improvement. That’s great!
    I heard that movie was really cute;I’d still like to see it!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!!

  4. In spite of the fact that it’s almost three in the morning, I am so happy to read of D’s achievement. That is a HA-YUGE shift and aside from the academic result, I hope it reflects equally a level of peace and contentment for him that was missing at his previous school. I am so happy for both of you! GO DAMIEN! Now will you PUH-LEAZE get that laptop back – I am having serious chat withdrawals. Love You and have a great week. xox p.s. I missed you too!

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