I Like Nothing Better…

…than having a nice full grocery trolley- and bumping into Damien’s paternal grandparents in the mall!
It may be a little infantile- but I really get a kick out of it.
You see, when I get a bonus of any kind, I stock up on groceries (just in case) and yesterday Damien and I pushed our very full trolley into the pasta and spices aisle- and ahead of us were Damien’s father’s parents!
I know they saw us- we looked at each other- but we don’t ever acknowledge each other, and if I didn’t point them out to you you wouldn’t know I knew them. That’s how its always been. They left shortly afterwards, but I so like to make it obvious how little we need them or theirs!

5 thoughts on “I Like Nothing Better…

  1. Good on you Angel! I can so relate, tho not in exactly the same way as your situation. Very similar though!

  2. Although I don’t usually stand behind words such as “revenge,” there are most certainly those times in life when SUCCESS TRULY DOES FEEL LIKE THE BEST REVENGE! What a strange situation to have to find yourself in – I am not surprised they scurry and hide! I am in awe of your strength and achievements. xox

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