We Are All Quite Worn Out!

Yesterday morning, NMOTB was childless and since it was payday weekend and Friday was a public holiday- she suggested we hook up for a Wimpy breakfast at a mall nearby. I got there just before she did only to find that every person in town with kids under 12 years old had arrived at the same conclusion NMOTB and I had! I couldn’t hear myself ordering my cappuccino over the excited squealing and shouting of parents who had the chance to get out of the house! NMOTB arrived two minutes later and I suggested we head for a restaurant without a play place! We strolled a bit and found ourselves at Mugg & Bean which has a good reputation and enormous portions! It was busy, but we got a table quickly and ordered a coupla cappuccinos while we perused the menus. I ordered a slimmers breakfast- poached eggs on rye with grilled tomato and shaved ham, NMOTB ordered a South African breakfast- fried eggs, toast (she asked for rye) boerewors, bacon, black mushrooms. My eggs were to be well done and hers turned once. 45 minutes later- after calling our waitron over twice- we got our food and a couple more cappuccinos. Would you believe that neither NMOTB nor I had our cameras with us??!? And our two meals were just screaming to be photographed and made famous. We very quickly came to the conclusion that or waitron had forgotten about our food, since it tasted like it had been warmed up over and over? if it weren’t for our cappuccinos we wouldn’t have been able to swallow it! I couldn’t even cut my toast- and that only happens when it gets cool and rubbery!! Poor NMOTB didn’t even eat hers! We asked for a manager and were given an almost 520% discount because we waited so long and our food was so grotty! The management couldn’t apologise enough! After that we went and did some shopping- and I didn’t spend any more than I planned to and neither did she (usually NMOTB and I in the shops together is a scary experience)! Our breakfast turned into a whole day of shopping (and a very indignant “where’ve you been?” from Damien when I got home) but we had a total blast!

Then this morning early, NMOTB and her boys picked Damien and I up and we shipped ourselves off to the Coca Cola Dome for the Castrol Extreme Auto Show, with a detour via McDonalds for a breakfast. Last year Damien and I went to the show and we missed out on a coupla things because we got there late- this year we were determined to see everything, and there was lots on the menu. NMOTB surprised her boys with this outing and didn’t tell them where we were going! Like last year, it was again spectacular- despite the lack of Ferraris and Maseratis on display (I missed them, and it left me a little, um, empty?). There were lotsa lotsa boys toys and stuff that laaties like to see. There were a lot of dads and kids, several moms, and lotsa babes in short skirts, high boots and tight tops. As per standard juvenile operating procedure- they all but ran everywhere, seeing something new and sparkly before we’d finished looking at the shiny object that had caught their eye two minutes before. And of course there were the mad hints for things to eat and drink? oh the joy of kids at an expo! I’ve loaded a shite load of pictures from today in flickr so please go see! On “display” today was the AutoTrader Freestyle Motocross team? sadly, it was incredibly windy so they didn’t put on as spectacular a show as they could have. NMOTB got some good action shots of that so pop over there to see them. I put Dylan and Ryan to stand on top of a big dustbin so they could watch the bikes over everyone’s heads- you know how no-one looks to see if there’s someone under 5 feet tall standing behind them at these things- they just see a gap and take it! Ugh! There was also an Eibach Drift Extravaganza, with Adam Mathews of the Drift Association in the U.S.A. driving. Sadly (again) he injured the radiator on his Nissan 350Z yesterday so it wasn’t so much an extravaganza as a series of donuts. NMOTB and Dylan went for a high speed ride that had Dylan beaming from ear to ear, and Ryan and Dylan both had a go on the “bungee cat” (a belt around the kids waist attached to bungee cords suspended above a trampoline) while Damien walked around scoring “autographs” from the expo equivalent of race day “brolly babes” that were at every second display stall.

We had cheeseburgers and chips for lunch? at 3pm? and then decided we’d seen everything we wanted to see and were bushed. The boys were disappointed of course (oh for a ten year old’s energy) and the drive home was uneventful. It was a really lekker day!

I dunno bout NMOTB, but I passed out on my couch for a coupla hours!

Then Taxi…

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played at being a copy-cat! I couldn’t believe my eyes! This was five minutes after I had taken a picture of Greebo in the same place before chasing him out of the cupboard- without closing it afterwards- then Taxi annexed his place! I giggled myself silly, took a picture, chased him out and closed the cupboard like I should have done!


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A while ago, I came into the kitchen to make supper and there he was- in my mug and glass cupboard above my stove! I knew he liked cupboards but this was too much…
I chased him out- after I took a picture of course!

Damien Got The Job!

Woooo hoooooooooooooo bunnies!
Talk about excitement! Well- mine at least… Damien got the part time job at the bike customising shop! And while I was grinning from ear to ear and dying to phone them and gush and say thank you (a temptation I resisted, lol)… in typical dour teenager style Damien hardly batted an eyelash. He will be working on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays after school, then Saturdays and school holidays. He’s really starting at the bottom with things like sanding and cleaning (tee hee) but he’s very excited and the shop has a brilliant national reputation! I don’t think he’s even asked how much he’s being paid.
This is what he’s going to be learning to do… albeit eventually!

Our agreement is that if his school marks slip or if I get one phone call or letter from the school saying his homework isn’t done- no more job.
We also spoke about discussing budgeting as soon as he gets his first paycheck- and he’ll be responsible for his own toiletries from then on. And as his earnings rise, so will his financial responsibilities at home- board and lodging being the eventual outcome- like I had to do.
He’s very chuffed with himself- he already came home with homework from his new boss!