Good Morrow, Bunnies O’ Mine!

I am still languishing behind a laptop attached to a PC screen… VERY frustrating since it’s been well over a month now and I am VERY behind in my personal writing exploits, just when I was getting into a habit again!

Damien and I had quite a hectic weekend. On Friday night I was going to do some scrap booking with Mommy Darling, but Daddy Darling took her out instead so I took my Granny Darling to sister B for some coffee and a bit of an outing. Then Damien and I went home and watched X-Files DVD until I fell asleep on the couch.
Saturday morning Damien and I went through to his doctor for his monthly check up and Concerta prescription- and his doctor is very happy with his progress this year!
After the doc, we went to a reptile and exotic pet expo. Fascinating! Damien and I both just wanna take snakes and spiders home with us! Damien and I both took a turn to hold a big Chilean Rose tarantula, and we cuddled lizards and snakes at every opportunity! I got a picture of Damien with a two year old Burmese python female draped over his shoulders! Mommy and Daddy Darling joined us there to do something different and we had great fun. Daddy Darling also wants to get snakes- much to mommy Darling’s chagrin! I just love all the lizards and geckos- but I s’pose that’s no surprise given my love of dragons!
Saturday night Sister B and I surprised da Bruvva and SIL by joining him at karaoke! I sang twice with sister B and SIL, and sister B sang a coupla times on her own! Great fun- sister B and I drank more than either of us has in a long time… and yet both went home sober!! Sunday I slept till 1pm! One of the many joys of having a son old enough to make his own breakfast, teehee…

9 thoughts on “Good Morrow, Bunnies O’ Mine!

  1. allan: doing karaoke is entirely possible if you’re always craving the spotlight!
    if i see pinecone i’ll tell her to call home, and thanx for the birthday wishes!

  2. Wow- you did karaoke SOBER? I didn’t know that was possible! Great reptile pics- pic #2 looks like my long-lost monitor Lizard. Her name was Pinecone. Ask her to call home next time you see her.

    And a Big Sweet 16 to your sweet child!

  3. katt: i want one too! it’ll have to wait though- they take a lot of looking after and i want to get a sphinx cat when my boys are no longer around…

    spookie: thanx sis- and thanx for the evening out too! its been way too long!

    s. w. vaughn: it was the first time i ever held a tarantula, but i do catch spiders fairly often so other people don’t kill them… and karaoke was a blast!

    terri: thanx for the compliment- photos were tricky coz they were all behind glass & i didn’t want to use my flash… part seven is in process… albeit slowly since i’m still screen-less at home!

    h.e.: lololol! i have always loved snakes and spiders and such, and i’ll handle them and pick them up and everything- but i cannot bear cockroaches or flying ants! go figure… and of course damien would probably give a kidney to have a komodo for a pet! so, um, how does one pee quickly?

    writeprocrastinator: i must admit that my taste in pets has always run more than a little to the bizarre side- but cats were cheaper… lol! and i would never dream of subjecting any pet of mine to a karaoke night…

  4. Lizards and karaoke, that’s quite a weekend, as long as you don’t combine both at the same time.

    I used to babysit an iguana and they’re like little baby dragons. I love reptiles as long as they don’t whiz on me, but I draw the lines at spiders. Damien is brave!

  5. Holy Herpetology Batman!
    EEww…I am not a big fan of cold blooded creatures and have nightmares of being poisoned and devoured by Komodo Dragons atleast once a month.
    Those cold, scaly, blank stares give me the creeps..*shudder*
    Os sure they are far more efficient than us warm blooded beings wasting all of our energy and consuming 100 times more food to keep it that way…but I just get the heeby jeebies staring at those blank eyes.

    My cousin had a huge Iguana that he let roam freely..I will never forget how it followed me into the bathroom and jumped up on the sink counter as I relieved my bladder of several cocktails.
    I did not appreciate how that ‘thing’ kept tilting it’s head and staring at my willy…nope,nope,nope..I have never peed that fast in my entire life…sooo creepy!!!!

  6. Great pics but eeuw, not so big on the reptiles and spiders, me…

    ps Thx for Part 6 below – I reckon I would’ve wanted to take the teacher by the scruff of the neck too!

  7. Aieeee! I started looking at the pics and thinking, oh, this isn’t so bad… snake, snake, lizard, snake, lizard…


    *shudder* You are a brave, brave woman. If someone put a tarantula in my hand, I would instinctively do one of two things: 1. Throw it on the floor and stomp on it, or 2. Crush it in their face. Ugh.

    But the snakes and lizards are cool! And woot for karaoke!

  8. Those are beautiful photos!!

    I just dod some “catch up” reading too, just so you know.

    Saturday night was good fun. But I think I won’t sing again at a kareoke, at least not alone – as far as I am concerned I sounded AWFUL. So – no more solos.

    It was fun seeing other people getting so torched all night – so glad it wasn’t me!!

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