Parenthood Is A Lot Easier To Get Into Than Out Of*

Something’s been on my mind for a while, it started around the time I realised Damien was going to be turning sixteen… and I finally realised what it was. It boils down to the following: I am fast approaching a grey area in terms of parenting… it’s a bit like I’m looking ahead and seeing things through a very dirty window! See, when I was sixteen and a half years old- my life as a teenager effectively ended- because I fell pregnant with Damien!

Till now, I have based the majority of my decisions and parenting style on what I went through when I was Damien’s age and how my parents handled stuff I went through and got up to. True, I’ve had a few curve balls… but I haven’t done too badly I don’t think.

Thing is- I don’t know what a normal sixteen and seventeen year old gets up to. Granted, I lived with two sisters and a brother- but I was pretty much wrapped up in my own little world and didn’t pay them much attention except to be bitchy! And by the time da Bruvva reached Damien’s age, I had lived alone with Damien for five years or so already (da Bruvva was only 7 or so when Damien was born) so had not really witnessed any of what my parents had to deal with as he grew up!

I think I’m going to be asking for help a lot…

*Bruce Lansky

7 thoughts on “Parenthood Is A Lot Easier To Get Into Than Out Of*

  1. spookie: thanx sis, i have faith in you too.

    supermom: thanx mel, i hope we can be friends one day…

    mom: love you madly mommy darling!

    cheryl: oh how i dread the day damien starts driving… a little more independence for him and a little less depending on me… ah me.

    allan: so there really isn’t a “normal” teenager out there… damn!

    w.w.: thank you dude! what would i do without you!?!

  2. Hmmm, Angel, that is a heavy thing to contemplate…

    But really, it’s not important. You’re 32 (or close to it) now. He’s just a punk kid of 16.

    You’ve done an amazing job with him. He needs you, and he needs you badly.

    He needs your understanding of him, your love, your kick in the ass, your guidance. He doesn’t care that you were 16 when he was born.

    He cares that you’re his mom now, as you always have been. That’s all that matters.


  3. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a ‘normal’ teenager! It sounds like you are already on the right track Mommy-wise…one really can feel the love in your words- no kidding.
    Good job!

  4. A belated Happy 16th Birthday to Damien!!!
    it’s just amazing how quickly they grow up, isn’t it?
    McKenna turned 15 last week and got her driver’s permit. She wants to drive all the time!!! it’s so hard to see her getting so grown-up!
    I’m proud of her, the kind of teenager she is…but it’s also sad to see my baby get big!!

  5. Oh my precious – who can help with a teenager – each one is SO individual. You were my first teenager and there was no comparing your situation to my teen years!

    You are doing just fine – play it as it happens sweetie pie ‘cos you are doing just great as it is. He is a darling boy and I ADORE him!

    With all my heart –


  6. My cousin fell pregnant at 15. She has three kids now of which the oldest two are over that age. She says that when they pass “that” age, they tend to become your friend more than your child and it is actually easier. Hey that’s what she says! Good luck is what I say 😉

  7. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Carry on doing things the way you have been up too now and you will be fine.

    I have faith in you.

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