Terri Has Paid Me A Huge HUGE Compliment!

Check this out!

And I am not unappreciative- far, FAR from it- I have just been horribly lax in finding out about it and thanking the ever fabulous Terri for giving it to me… due to me still not having a functioning laptop to work on at home… and yes- I was still singing that bloody song till this afternoon! Now my client has loaned me a PC screen so I can finally get back on track and catch up with everyone properly!

Terri- I am truly madly deeply flattered! Thank you!


Me- a thinking blogger! Who’dathunk it!

This is super cool bunnies!

And now- without any further ado- here are my five awardees (and to quote budvo Dawn– they’re in absolutely no particular order), and I must also tell you- I had a really hard time narrowing my favourite reads down to just these five!! And since it’s taken me so long they’ve probably been nominated by others already- but these five totally deserve it in my mind!

First up on my list is So Close authored by none other than Tertia Albertyn? fabulous- red wine loving- says fuck a lot- Tertia! This woman has been there and back again more than once and deserves all the kudos she gets!! Author, public speaker and working mom- I think she’s amazing!

My Second award is for CamelsBackAnd Forth– written by Allan. Talk about having been through the wringer? this man has great taste in music and takes absolutely nothing in life for granted!

My Third award goes to Seeking Serenity which is maintained by Michelle. She’s a single mom like me and I think our outlooks on life and situations are similar and I like to read the exploits of someone who’s in kinda the same boat I am. She likes herself and is proud of herself and I love how most of her post titles are just one word.

Fourth- Solo Mother, where Christina lives. Here’s another single mom (hence the title) who has had to start her life completely over again in a whole ‘nother country! She’s very brave, and very intelligent, and she adores her son and refers to him as the “King Of Everything”!!

Fifth but definitely not final is Homo Escapeons, which is authored by the one and only Donn… this dude is hysterical and his world view is very different to mine- when he’s not worrying about Komodo dragons eating his family jewels, he’s making me think about things that are going on around me which I often ignore rather than get upset by them!

And as per the instructions, here are the “rules”:

First: If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that tickle your grey matter.

Second: Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.

Third (and this is Optional): Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote (here is an alternative silver version if gold doesn’t fit your blog).

5 thoughts on “Terri Has Paid Me A Huge HUGE Compliment!

  1. terri: it brilliant for finding new reads and its a huge compliment! thank you!

    allan: i thought a few of my awardees might have been tagged already- but i went ahead with my choices anyway because i felt yu deserved it!

    phats: damien had a spectacular birthday- thank you for the wishes!

  2. CONGRATS!! I might have to check some of these blogs out. Have a good one, did Damien have a good birthday?

  3. Hi Angel,
    That was me above- I wuz tryin’ to make sure my HTML works..

    Thank You! That’s very cool and kind of you -but I’ve been tagged a while back by Whim
    here’s my post

    Have a wonderful week and weekend and happy blogging!

  4. Thanks for playing Angel!
    I must say one thing this particular tag is good for is suggesting new reading… Not that I seem to be able to keep up with my existing reads at the moment but hey, life’s a challenge, right?!

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