It Kills You To See Them Grow Up. But I Guess It Would Kill You Quicker If They Didn’t.*

My little boy, my darling little Damien, had his first ever job interview today!

Holy crap how time flies bunnies!

Anyhoo, there’s a bike customizing place that Damien and I have seen in passing for many years, and Damien has an interest in customising cars. . .

So I took a chance and called the bike place to ask what the odds were that Damien could work there (on a part time basis and learn a trade at the same time) since I’m not sure what their employment policies are. The guy I spoke to suggested Damien goes and speaks to the owner one afternoon. We stopped over there this afternoon after work. Damien was very nervous, and when he gets nervous he mumbles, but I didn’t want to tell him to speak up in front of everyone. . . so I just introduced myself and Damien to the owner and told him I had called before and that Damien wanted to speak to him about working there on a part time basis. Damien was actually shaking! The poor thing, I was SO tempted to speak for him and prompt him on answers to the questions the guy was asking- but I wanted him to do as much of this alone as he possibly could. The guy asked him what he was interested in and Damien told him it was artwork so he took Damien on a little tour. . . and to meet their resident painter! I was very chuffed!

Damien was quite excited when he emerged about 15 minutes later (I strolled around the shop checking out bike accessories while he was gone) and told me what details the painter has asked for.

So it looks like Damien may well have found his first part time job. He’ll be doing real drudge work like sanding and grinding but he’ll learn a LOT at the same time- and he’ll be doing something that will benefit him immensely in the long run as well as something he’s actually interested in. . . and I’d so much rather he work there than at a video rental place- I know he’d have fun as a waitron or at the video store (and probably earn more, LOL) but I’ll be much happier if he’s learning something about what he’s into.

*Barbara Kingsolver

8 thoughts on “It Kills You To See Them Grow Up. But I Guess It Would Kill You Quicker If They Didn’t.*

  1. oh how cool. I bet he will love it. and this way he gets a head start on a potential career. I am all for doing jobs you like not because they pay the most because honestly if I didn’t like my jobs I’d never do them

  2. rae: howdy and thanx for stopping by!

    phats: i told damien you said its awesome and he says thats cool!

    mommy darling: love you tons too- i couldn’t have done this without you!

    terri: he’s excited too, and helping him find a job was something i wanted to do, but whether he wanted to work there was his choice. he could still go to the video store or wimpy or something if he wants to.

    supermom: thats what i said!

    allan: his ultimate goal is marine biology, but i’m hoping i can broaden his horizons a tad…

  3. Cool beans- Damien is way ahead of some “adults” I know! If he’s into it, it won’t seem like drudge work, just part of doin’ whatcha love- it’s the way I feel about untangling wires. It should suck, but it doesn’t- ‘cos it’s part of something bigger and better!

  4. That’s fantastic, I’m so excited for him! And well done you for helping him find it.
    I just done a quick catch-up (looks like I’ve missed a bit here!) – congrats on the photo win and that’s great about the parent-teacher evening.
    Sounds like things are going well in Angelville 🙂

  5. Way to go Damien – I am so proud of you! Way to go my precious Angel – you let him do it alone! I love you guys to the sun, around it and back again!! Mommy Darling

  6. That’s awesome way to go Damien!!

    When i get nervous I tend to talk a lot and fast! haha it’s interesting what people do when they get nervous

  7. Congrats on your sons first job way to go..I worked in a video store and you really don’t learn much except how much some people hate a movie lol the bike place was a wayyy better choice..I hope your son has a great time working there

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