Guess What Damien Asked Me!

Last night he asked me if he could have dreadlocks, a’ la Jonathan Davis

and James Shaffer
of KoRn fame I s’pose… since this is just one of the bands he likes A LOT. We were watching TV so I’m not sure what brought it up.
I told him that in my mind dreads fall into the same category as tattooing and piercing himself and that he’d have to wait till he turned 18 and he could afford it all himself! I can’t put my finger on exactly what puts me off about them (apart from bob Marley stories I mean)… and sometimes I think they look pretty cool, like the two pictures I loaded here:

…but not now, not on Damien, although in all likelihood he could carry them off perfectly! He’s lucky that way.

6 thoughts on “Guess What Damien Asked Me!

  1. I had not in fact heard those stories, but i tend to think that is personal hygiene versus hairstyle. As someone who shares a bed with a head full of locks, I can assure you that standard hair cleaning/maintenance rules still apply. So ignore the stories and if he goes that route, just make sure D washes his hair regularly, as i’m sure you’ve been doing for 16 years! 🙂

  2. peong: i’m sure you’ve heard about the several species of lice they found in bob marley’s hair after he died… lol. urban legend or no, it stuck in my head!

  3. White boy locks are hard to pull off well. I have seen more bad attempts than good ones, but I suppose you can’t tell until you try…

    And what are the Bob Marley stories?

  4. katy katy katy: i’m not mad about it either… i used to like long hair, but it puts me off nowadays…

  5. mhh not a big dreadlock fan myself. I love guys with long hair just not in dreads.

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