When Bloggers Evaporate.

…without so much as a by-your-leave, ahem… or at least a warning that they won’t be around anymore- I tend to take it quite personally.

I’m sure you know what I mean!? I just know I’m not the only one who is this irrational!

This is for the Blogging Chicks Carnival #37.

Something I have taken to calling “VBE” (the Vanishing Blogger Effect) seems to be cropping up a lot the last while… in fact, I have come across it so often I’ve even linked a new poll in my sidebar! Lately, VBE seems to be occurring more and more and more. I’ve never done so much sidebar editing as I have in the last coupla months! And it doesn’t seem to be limited to a specific blogging genre either- it’s all types! Fiction writers, mommies, photo bloggers…

Granted, most bloggers who disappear for anything over a coupla weeks come back eventually with letters from their parents (with obviously forged signatures), and some even have acceptable excuses, tee-hee… but most that simply stop blogging, vanish into cyber space and leave their regular readers wondering what the hell happened! Some bloggers that evaporate re-appear under new names, sorta re-inventing themselves, but rediscovering them is usually purely accidental if at all- unless they visit and tell you where to find their new page… that actually happened to me once.

Bloggers who pack it in because they’re being stalked I can also understand, that’s a fairly valid excuse!

But why do so many cyber-scribes stop blogging without saying they’re going to do so… simply vanishing leaving nothing but a bookmark in my explorer… it absolutely boggles my mind! Are they dead? Are they sick? Has their life suddenly gotten so interesting as to have no time whatsoever to drop a one liner on their main page to say as much? Mostly, I read someone’s blog BECAUSE their life is interesting- or because they have a fun way of relating the really boring stuff… and I get exceptionally attached to my regular reads too. I visit most of my favourite reads once a week at least, and as per my slightly controlling nature they each have a specific day allocated in my favourites list, and they’re divided between South African and other blogs.

So- as per the questions in my poll… how do you react?

I react differently depending on how often I read and commented on a page that’s suddenly turned into cyber fro-yo. If I visited someone daily I’ll continue to pop over for quite some time, leaving comments along the lines of asking how and where the blog author is. If it was a page I visited weekly I’ll continue to do so for a few weeks, leaving the occasional comment, also asking the “where the hell are you” type of questions. If it was one I visited less frequently (and there aren’t many) I’ll visit only once or twice more before removing the page from my listings.

It takes me a while to find another page to replace the one I removed though… this seriously messes with my routine, bunnies!

Then again, I may have come to the conclusion that it’s my fault (my paranoid neurotic tendencies showing through here)… mwaaaaaahahahahahahaha!

9 thoughts on “When Bloggers Evaporate.

  1. At least JJ left us a message, though I miss him and F.F.F. terribly.

  2. h.e.: i’m not mad about the mauve- but i have yet to work out how to import a custom template WITHOUT blooger going berserk on me!
    i dunno bout peaking, but its definitely quieter. i’m getting more hits a day than i ever have, but no-one comments. and of course blogrolls are SO much fun!
    in south africa- since we’re a little behind on this- its really getting busy in the blogosphere, and people are finally getting i-net hookups at home, which never happened unless you worked there (its pretty damn expensive here).

  3. Wow there are so many people out here talking about a lull or vbe…over here Spring has Sprung so I expect a dip (I’m busy working on projects out of doors and glad to be there)but a lot of my racetrack rabbits that I looked up to have up and fizzled out.

    I suppose that the rw has to be taken into consideration because nobody gets to have a static life or even a maintain a nice rhythm for very long.

    It is difficult for me to keep up because I always get sidetracked on other people’s blogrolls..there is always somebody new and interesting out there..but you are right about the special bonds that we create and nurture..it’s weird but you get so attached to some people. Apparently somebody wrote an article that said that Blogging was going to peak this year?! Maybe it did?

    btw Love the Mauve!

  4. supermom: ja- just a little one liner… pleeeeeease!!!

    e.c.: i have also realised that not everyone feels the same way i do- and i s’pose that if there are people who are particularly well “connected” with, they would probably get sent contact details were someone to decide to bail on blogging… i thrive on the attention, so me doing some kind of disappearing act is highly unlikely! as for deleting… i just took it for granted that that’s what people did if it wasn’t planned as a temporary hiatus.

    pamela: thanx for stopping by! i’m just loving this blogging chicks thing! i doubt i’ll ever run out of material, lol, but i’ll definitely let people know! i’ve seen several completely disappear, one blog is still readable- the others have been deleted. i’m glad you enjoyed this- i did too!

    allan: ah so thaaaat’s where they go- some kind of virtual bermuda triangle or cyber alien abduction… if its good things i’m happy for them, but i do wish they’d let us know! as for stalkers… i don’t “get” it them. i’m glad your stalker’s gone!

  5. I meant I am NOT giving out phone #’s!
    note to Stalkers: NOT GIVING, STOP ASKING.

  6. I’ve seen it happen…like the Bermuda Triangle sometimes.
    Sometimes it’s because of good things- new marriage/job/book contract etc…

    Sometimes, I don’t know. I’ve started getting emails from strangers who are looking for an old blogpal who vanished- they tracked her to my site – and it creeps me out. Forget it. I am giving out phone #’s.

    I got stalked by a blogger last year. He eventually self- destructed, but it sucked. I almost quit.

  7. I’ve seen it happen, too. In fact, it may happen to me. Eventually I’ll run out of material. But I will let everyone know I’m sizzling down.

    I’ve seen two completely disappear. One, because she actually got a telephone call at her home from a stalker (and found out too much info was available when she had her own we b site) she started on another blog and got over the fear.

    The other one was apparently a “fake” and was discovered by someone who knew her and she disappeared without a trace.

    It’s hard work to keep up any quality to a blog — and it also impinges on family, work, etc etc.

    Hard to find the right balance.

    Enjoyed your discussion! ! !

  8. I’ve come to realize that not everyone feels the connectedness that blogging brings. So to them, it is no big deal to just “drop out”. And I can certainly understand “moving on” (in other words, blogging just isn’t “it” any longer). Moving on has never bothered me, really. What has admittedly left me wondering more than once is why folks who have simiply moved on see fit to delete their blogs? Why not just leave ’em up, for the rest of us? More often than not, we’ll be helping ourselves or another friend through a difficult time, and then suddenly remember some words of wisdom (or wit) on their blog – and we’d love to visit it again just for the refresher, or want to refer our friends to it to help them thru their tough times. So, again, why delete it? Or worse, leave only the latest up (usually the farewell message if there was one) and none of the archives? It’s always seemed just a bit … well … selfish to me.

    But then again, folks are after all free to do as they wish with their own blogs, aren’t they? Sigh…

  9. I could not agree with you more. Why not just leave a message to say that you are done blogging…that’s it’s not for you anymore…or that you are planning on being in an accident and will spend the next 2 months in hospital without internet …come on! Just let us know! I normally allow someone 2 months to update…no update and I delete.

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