I Think I Identified The Spider In My Kitchen!

I think she’s an inland button spider (Latrodectus renivulvatus).
There are four spiders that fall under the black button spider ‘complex’ in South Africa: the east coast button spider (Latrodectus cinctus), the west coast button spider (Latrodectus indistinctus), the karoo button spider (Latrodectus karooensis) and the one in my kitchen. They are regarded as the more venomous group. I’m not 100% sure- as I can’t see her egg sac. The black buttons are widely distributed throughout South Africa and are more often found in natural habitats then in built-up areas, which is another reason I’m not 100% positive that’s what she is. She’s also not as dark as the ones I found on the web- although buttons can range in colour from shades of brown to black- but her shape and what I’ve seen of her markings makes me think this is what she is. If I see something to confirm my ID (or not) I’ll let you know.
The babies have all gone by the way.

3 thoughts on “I Think I Identified The Spider In My Kitchen!

  1. i have a spider living in my shower, and i think she has babies too. she certainly is most adept at building webs, as every morning i see a new strand formed. and i just don’t have the heart to clear away the web. i think anyone who has ever read Charlotte’s Web can relate to that?

    anyway, she is not one of those big scary ass ones – just the common household types that park in their spots the whole day and look at you. in this case, she parks in her spot and looks at me neked. hehe

  2. allan: heh heh, she would be dangerous if i tried to catch her or leant on her or something, but she’s been there about a year already and as long as i leave her alone she’ll do the same for me.

  3. I’m a big fan of anything that eats mosquitoes, but that thing is kinda dangerous.
    Be careful!

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