Movies, Toad And Peaches

Last night I hooked up with another single mom for movies and supper.
Her son T is 10, and she was a neighbour of mine several years ago. When we met about six years ago, I had an armful of beer- a monthly gratuity from work- and she was outside smoking when I walked past. I was trying to stop smoking, and told her I’d trade a cold Black Label for a cigarette. What a way to meet, eh?! We spent the whole of that weekend together. Our boys have a lot in common- although her son sees his father occasionally- and they play together really well.
She’s no longer a neighbour, but we chat on email and SMS regularly, and every now and then we get together and swap books, share supper ingredients and watch movies. We usually rent a scary age restricted film that she and I can watch while the boys play out of sight of the TV. Last time we ate macaroni cheese and watched Silence of the Lambs which I’ve seen several times but L had not yet seen. Then last night we had toad-in-the-hole with a divine peach pie and custard for dessert while we watched Flushed Away with the boys, which was surprisingly funny! Then Damien and T made their way to the bedroom with LEGO and Warhammer, and L and I watched Tarantino’s film Hostel… alone!
I had that horrible tickly feeling in the pit of my stomach from the beginning of the movie. It was very gory, yet frighteningly believable! It feels odd to say I enjoyed it- but it was a good movie and if you’re a fan of horror movies, or Quentin Tarantino at all, I highly recommend it.

1 thought on “Movies, Toad And Peaches

  1. i don’t like scary movies cos i’m a wuss! 🙂

    but i digged flushed away.. thought it was very clever.

    anyway, you must go see Ms Potter. it is enchanting.

    and i’m dying to go see the History Boys.

    and have you seen 300? Apparently, it’s full of men with digitally-engineered six-packs. and everyone i have spoken to who has seen it, drools. 🙂

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