Aw Buggrit!

Millennium hand and shrimp…!
My phone actually did remind me of an exceptional event last Saturday, but I forgot that I wanted to do a post on it because I spent the day at a car show!
What I forgot to post about was that it was my hero’s birthday!
The one and only Terry Pratchett celebrated another day on this here round world on Saturday April 28th!!
So tell me- does he look like the kind of person who would write the most hilarious and surprisingly insightful series of fantasy stories based on a world that is flat and carried on the backs of four elephants that in turn stand on the back of the great turtle A’tuin… I don’t think he does.
I tell you bunnies- Nanny Ogg, Granny Weatherwax, Rincewind, the Bursar, the Librarian, Commander Vimes (or is that Mister Vimes?), Greebo, Nobby, Detritus, Death and Susan have all made themselves very much at home in my heart and my head. They are no longer just fictional characters created by Terry Pratchett, but more like friends of mine and I look forward to every new publication of a Discworld story.
Thank you Terry, for adding so much colour and laughter to my life!
And to my fellow Pterry addicts- have a (belated) scumble on me, and I hope to meet as many of you as I can one day when I get to finally attend a Discworld Convention somewhere in the world!

4 thoughts on “Aw Buggrit!

  1. tom cat: hey, i like happy rotter too! “guards! guards!” was my first and a favourite, another favourite is “mort” and “eric” and “soul music”.

  2. i haven’t read any Terry either but he did very well in the bookstore. People say he is an excellent way to escape modern life, as you enter into his magicle world of fantasy!

    i’ll give guards guards a try one day.. right now, i’m rereading Harry Potter #6 so that i’m ready for HP #7 coming out on July 22nd.

  3. terri: terri, terri, terri… do yourself a favour! i started with “guards! guards!” for no reason other than it had a dragon on the cover, and there was no king or koontz in the library. i couldn’t put it down and i was hooked for good! the discworld stories are my favourite- but his “johnny…” stories are also brilliant.
    they’re fantasy stories- witches, wizards, trolls, dwarfs, politics, magic, wizards… satirical too! love his work!

  4. I shamefully confess I have not read a Terry Pratchett book. I love the artwork on the covers in the bookshops, though, if that counts?

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