Sunday Scribblings #58

Though I haven’t written a “Sunday Scribblings” in a really long time, with a word prompt like “Ocean” and my love of dragons- how could I resist!!?!

Oh? okay, so I guess it doesn’t connect in anyone else’s head like it does in mine? anyway- here goes, enjoy it?

Waves overhead? can’t hear them? only see the movement over the reef.


Glittery greeny blue sunbeams…

Geez it’s bright down here. Is it just ‘coz I’m looking up? It’s bright all round me?

There’s fish? fish everywhere.

Where’d the dragon go? I know I saw it?

Ohhhhh, the fish!

They’re incredible.

So much more beautiful than I could possibly have imagined.

And they pay me no heed.

I don’t think they even see me.

And my place in this world is suddenly? inconsequential. Nothing matters anymore.


Are fish colour blind? I think someone told me once they can’t see red, or something? maybe they can’t see me.

My wetsuit clashes like mad with the sandy floor, but obviously only to my human eyes. The fish swim over and around me like I’ve always been here, like I’m part of the reef. Maybe I am?

Nuh, can’t be- not with my bottle pressing into my back like I’m lying on a log. I think I’ve lost my mouth piece? it’s still attached to the tank so it can’t be far, probably lying in the sand?

Look at all the bubbles? Do coral reefs bubble? I think they’re my bubbles?

Oh! There it is! I see it! It’s coming towards me! Oh my word? I knew it! I knew they were real! And everyone always laughed at me! It’s so tiny! It’s looking straight at me- right in front of my nose!

Look, it’s smiling at me! It’s playing in my bubbles? I wonder if he’ll let me hold him, I’m so tired. I can’t move my arms? they’re just floating next to me. Weird. I feel so heavy? yet I’m rocking back and forth in the current. The little dragon rocks with me.

The bubbles are gone.

The dragon is gone.

It’s getting dark? I’ve never been so happy.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #58

  1. kg: thank you for the compliment! i tried to write it fast as it “grew” in my head! nice to have met you too!

  2. Angel – Very powerful. That feeling of bliss and horror and surrender all mixed up together. And then there’s the sadness and acceptance, too…

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I’m glad to have “met” you. 🙂

  3. kintheatl: wow, thanx!

    bongga mom: thanx for stopping by!

    khambagirl: hey thanx!

    phats: thanx dude!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. This is very good writing! I think that people do hallucinate before they drown. I will be back to read more.

  5. How sad that you found the dragon at the end of your life! Or maybe, how great that you got to see the dragon before you drowned! Great story!

  6. arboleda: why thank you.

    onion: Yes, I did drown, heh heh, it was a little obscure… this short story thing of mine really needs work. this is the dragon, I thought I’d combine a little bit of hallucination with a little bit of ‘reality”.

  7. I don’t know if I should be happy you found the dragon or sad that you drowned…

    you did drown… right?

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