Damn It!

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!
I dropped my friggin camera! I dropped it on its friggin’ lens!
It was in my hand bag in the car which is always next to the driver’s door at my feet, and when I moved to get out of the car- it obviously wasn’t in my bag far enough or something because it tumbled onto the bricks below the car.
It was a coupla day a go so I wanted to be sure- the metal edge of the lens is scratched and the lens cover has broken but the worst is it can no longer focus. It signals me that it does, but the pictures are blurry.
I am so angry with myself!

7 thoughts on “Damn It!

  1. cheryl: so do i- its immensely frustrating!

    spookie: it probably can be fixed, but its gonna cost me.

  2. I am so sorry about your camera. I hope it can be fixed.

    Love your Sunday Scribblings btw.

    And Happy Birthday Terry Pratchet!!

  3. Aw well, that SUCKS!!! I know how you feel. We have had our lenses just stop working on us and it is so frustrating to have to send it off to get fixed. I can’t stand not to have my camera with me at all times!!
    Hope it’s fixed soon!!!

  4. supermom: “aggenee” is an understatement!

    katy katy katy: {{sniffle}} me too!

    gen: its going to have to go in for repairs… like you said- i can’t be without it and my phone camera isn’t nearly a good enough replacement!

  5. How the hell???????? You should have had it in a camera bag!!!!!! What now – can you send it in for repairs???? You cant be without a camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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