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  1. terri: lol- i decided to accept what people kept telling me!

    peong: ooh thank goodness trini remembered- otherwise you’da been in trouble!

    allan: yes, soon…

    vis: i’m too greedy to leave crumbs, and there’s no map book for here…

    supermom: seems to be goin around

    gen: i loved it! aint he smart!?

    spookie: soon sis, soon…

    lsd: okay mate- where do i find you!!?!

  2. Ah there you are, I see you coming around to my side!!! LOL!! now I got mates in crazy land!!!!

  3. OMG – Tell me summin I don’t know! hehehehe

    BTW – did you like the pressie that Damian got you???? He showed it to me when I saw him in Woolies on Saturday!!! hehehehe

  4. Funny, I’m almost back from there. Thanks for checking in – I’m okay. Yesterday was my first day off in 3 weeks and i’ve been working 14 hour days for the last week and a half, so I have been mia from pretty much everything. On the plus side trini did remember who I am yesterday. 🙂

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