It’s My Second Blogiversary!

Thassaright bunnies- I first invaded the blogosphere two years ago today.
My first “real” post was an introduction of sorts (as the unwritten rules of the bloggy world said it should be) all about me and my Damien and how I’d always dreamt of having my own website and how I thought I had something to say and so on and so on and so forth, yada yada yada. Then I hit “publish” I sat back and waited in anticipation for the hits to accumulate! I mean- how could anyone NOT like my writing… right?!?
Oh how I sneer at my naiveté now, when I look back on those early days and remember my excitement each day at wondering how many people had visited me and how many comments I had.
S’cuse me while I snigger at my silly self for a minute…
mmmffffffffff…… mwaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha!
Sorry… I couldn’t hold that in anymore.
When I started blogging, I fully intended to keep my blog to myself so I could write without “worrying” about who would read it… Then I realised that I desperately wanted someone to read my posts and so I slowly but surely gave my blog address out to my sisters and my mom at first- and later to my friends. Then over time, I eventually came to the realisation that I can in fact write without worrying about who reads it! I am me- on my blog and in the flesh I’m the same person. There’re no surprises here, at least not for those who know me!
So. In two years, I have published 847 posts here (not counting this one), and probably written and deleted at least 50 more.
I have started 5 other blogs- 3 more of my own and two for other people.
I have had 31033 hits on this blog as of this morning (which truly astounds me) from visitors as far afield as Tasmania, the Canary Islands, Micronesia, Mauritius, Moscow, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Greenland, Iceland and Sri Lanka. I think even Alice Springs in Australia is marked on my Clustrmap (and I LOVE my dots; I just wish everyone who popped in would leave a comment)!!
In the two years since I started blogging, five close friends of mine (and I’m counting my sister B here) have since started their own blogs, and I’ve gotten to know them so much better!
The first blog I read was “Mom In The Mirror”- and although Julie blogs infrequently now with everything else on her plate, I still pop in regularly. And believe it or not, before I stumbled across her blog (via an emailed parenting newsletter I think it was) I didn’t even know blogging existed! Of course, once I started I got hooked real quick! I now have a list of at least 48 blogs linked in my sidebar that I visit and read at least once a week.
For the last two years, through my blogosphere friends, I have been inspired, disappointed, uplifted, upset, made to laugh, made to cry, made angry and made to giggle so that I spit coffee everywhere and then need my asthma inhaler. I have meditated on things I read and written about them. I rediscovered my love of fiction (which I hadn’t indulged in since high school) and I even started writing a little fantasy fiction myself!
I have changed my template three of four times- once I learned how of course… but I tend to stick with a look I like for a while.
I love my blog and I love my blog friends and I love my comments… blogging helps me think and rant and write! I wish I’d found blogging years ago! I would have loved to blog about my darling Damien from the moment he was born, and share the way he grew up and burrowed his way into my heart from day one.
You know, it’s hard to explain to someone who doesn’t already blog, just how close one can feel to the people who visit you regularly and the people who share their lives with each other on the interweb. There are bloggers who’ve come and gone who have a very special place in my heart even though I don’t “see” them anymore, and you all have a very special place in my heart and mind! I love sharing my life with you all and I love this window on the world!

11 thoughts on “It’s My Second Blogiversary!

  1. writeprocrastinator: thank you very much, califormia bunnies!

    robin: innit just too freaky!?! i even wanted to be able to write for dotmoms…

  2. Congratulations! That’s so weird that Mom in the Mirror was the first blog I had ever read too! I was reading a local newspaper online and Julie wrote for it so I followed it to her blog. A few months later I was writing for DotMoms which she started and a few months after that I started my own blog. It’s weird how that happens.

  3. Hurray, congrats and a big “cheers!”

    From your Californian bunnies

  4. mel: hi there, thanx for stopping by! damien is 16 now, and i know all about being in denial… if you don’t mind i’m going to mail you- i’m just trying to write one that doesn’t sdound completely sanctimonious and pretentious, LOL!

    terri: teehee, thanx terri- the only reason i remember it is coz i loaded it into my cellphone last year!

    supermom: thank you! thank you!

    allan: dude, don’t you dare quit on me!

  5. Happy Berfday dear Blogger!
    I keep trying to quit blogging, but I can’t. I like it and my blogpals too much.
    Thanks for helping me not quit!


  6. Congrats, Angel!
    I don’t know when my anniversary is (ja, for someone in IT I am really stoopid about the technical aspects of blogging!) but I think it’s about 3 years now but that’s completely beside the point…
    This was a really good post and explains really well why we blog.
    We’re glad you do, too 🙂

  7. Oh flip. Sorry, u r a fellow boerewors chick. How old is Damien? I think my son is ADD. I have been in denial because everyone seems to label so quickly but now I have ignored it all for too long.
    How do I start? Where do I go?

  8. Hello hello, its a new “friend” from the other side of the world.
    Oh, wait I don’t know where you live. I have only started blogging as of 3 months ago but as you know, sister Tertia has been blogging for years and has become famous from her blog. I just piggyback on hers but am starting to get a few of my own readers. It is super fun and cool to meet other people and get real insight into their lives. Congrats on turning 2.
    Mel, SA

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