Damien Says He Has Sorted It Out Himself!

And I’m more than a little disappointed! I mean, can you blame me…? He NEVER comes right out and asks me to go to the school unless it’s something really BIG in his mind. And of course, for a brief moment he actually needed me again…
I so relish playing Damien’s advocate, and I was getting all fired up to go and give them a piece of my mind- politely of course- I don’t want them picking on my kid ‘coz I was a bitch!
Then yesterday in the car, en route to Damien’s AD/HD doctor, he tells me I don’t have to go to the school anymore.
I resisted the temptation to whine about it and plead with him to let me do it anyway… and then I asked him why- since I want to be sure he knows I won’t embarrass him and make a scene- and that its part of my job to stick up for him.
He says it’s cool. He took some of his books to school- the Warhammer Chaos Space Marines Codex and a book I gave him on drawing fantasy art- and pleaded his case both to his Afrikaans teacher and to the other teacher he was taken to (the one who did the lecturing and the praying). He said he spoke to them himself and they then both apologised to him.
I am immensely impressed at how he stuck up for himself!
Yet at the same time, I find myself once again underestimating him and wondering if he’s just telling me this so I won’t go to the school…
Every so often I wish he was still little so I could be the mommy all the time like I used to!

7 thoughts on “Damien Says He Has Sorted It Out Himself!

  1. supermom: i don’t think i could have either…

    beads: it was definitely easier when damien was a baby…

    jin: thanx for stopping by!

    mel: makes me “bevok” too!

    e.c.: thanx for the hugs! i need them right now…

  2. Wow! Way to go Damien! I honestly am awestruck and at a loss for words! Even if your worst fear is true Angel – even if he’s just saying this to keep you from going to school on his behalf – just think of all the implications of that! He’s not just thinking of himself – he’s thinking of you! He realizes eventhough you’re always at the ready and oh so very willing to defend him and fight for him – he can’t allow you to do that always. He must do his own fighting! So even if it wasn’t a reality this time – it shows that it soon will be! Again, Way To Go Damien!!

    And Mom – take solace in knowing that all us moms know exactly how you feel and are hugging you right now!

  3. Wow, betcha feeling very proud if somewhat miffed and at a loss with your pent up killer mother instinct now not needed. It’s amazing how agrro us moms get when someone messes with our kids. Makes me “bevok”

  4. Yay! I finally got over here…I have the whole day off & what better way to spend it than blogging!!! 🙂

    OMG!!! His drawings are AMAZING!!!

    I think it’s just AWFUL they tore them up! I do hope they did really apologize to him.
    Ooooh…I like the new glasses too (a few posts down) on both of you!
    I’ll be back again!

  5. Wish all of mine were still babies like April. I hate seeing them grow up so fast on me.

    Damien’s pictures are super cool!! Kudos to him for standing up for hisself. 🙂

  6. I am SO impressed by Damien…wow. I don’t think I could have stood up for myself like that as a teenager. WTG Damian

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