A Tag, A Very Palpable Tag!

Yup! It tagged me!!!! Here’s how it works: each blogger starts with eight to ten random facts slash habits about themselves… people who are tagged need to write posts in their own blog about the tag and post these rules… at the end of your post, you need to choose people to get tagged and list their names…
I tell you what- I’ll make a list- and then you can decide which of them are true and which aren’t. Howzat? Okay, ready…?

1. I take a bath or a shower- maybe one a week…
2. I would get a new tattoo every month if I could afford it.
3. One day- when Greebo, Taxi and Grampa Scratchy are gone- I will buy myself a Sphynx cat, which currently go for R3000 (£210 or $420 at the current rate of exchange).
4. I wish I could have a pet dragon. A couple actually, at least a little one for round the house and a big one to fly around on.
5. I can NOT work without music, and if I leave my earphones at home by some ridiculous twist of Murphy’s law, I am distracted and almost irritable all day.
6. I almost wish Damien could meet his father now so we could get things over with- the suspense is killing me- but at the same time, I half hope they never meet and I will always be enough for Damien… yes, yes- I know- its simple insecurity!
7. I occasionally miss someone I haven’t met yet.
8. I spoil myself by buying wedding magazines…
9. I have trained two of my cats- Greebo and Taxi- to sit, wave and walk in harness, on a leash.
10. The dust bunnies in my flat have names!

And I hereby tag… um… okay. Lemme think about this…
First I’ll tag Ydnic, who is a gorgeous and divine family member with a heart of gold (and I don’t think she’s ever been tagged before.
Then I’ll tag Supermom, who really is a super mom and takes spectacular photos too.
And third, I’ll tag Aquila, a wonderful writer with a license plate fetish.
Phats gets number four; he’s a sports nut with a big heart who Damien thinks is really cool.
Shane is my fifth tag; she shares her life as a mom and does a lot of ADHD research.
Katy, Katy, Katy (sometimes Dino) gets my sixth tag… love her to death, I feel like I’ve known her for ages.
Justin is a Photoshop pro and he gets my seventh tag.
And my eighth tag goes to Crystal, who does not have a mommy blog and who cusses a lot.

And I won’t take it personally if you don’t want to play or if you’ve done it already. You just may wake up one day with a horrid case of Sponge-Bob-aphobia… so don’t wonder where it came from, okay.

12 thoughts on “A Tag, A Very Palpable Tag!

  1. allbunnies: i added a pic of my boys out on a stroll… sorry its a bit fuzzy!

  2. allan: heehee, repetition and bribery! see, my boys don’t go outside so i get a lot of time with them! and i discovered greebo would practically do backflips for vienna sausages or chicken, so i bribed him with that- and taxi will eat just about anything! he took a lot longer to learn than greebo did though… its a lot like training a dog- each time he did the movement i said the “command” (should i say “request”) and rewarded him. as for the harness, each time i fed them i put the harness on for a couple of minutes. once they werte used to the harness i put the leash on. they get used to it amazingly quickly!

  3. h.e.: saluting i just love the sphynxies! i’ve always adored them but i didn’t always know they were available in south africa!
    i tried to teach greebo to use the toilet- but he drew the line at sitting, waving and the leash! oh- and their cat boxes are always open and on the floor so its no mission to get them in if i need to.
    as for komodo dragon… i don’t think i could afford one, mwaaaahahahahahaaaa!

  4. Fellow Germaphobe I salute you!
    Sphynxies are truly bizarre…are you certain? Would you start dressing up like Cleopatra?
    How come your cats can’t use the toilet?

    By pet dragon I take it that you don’t mean Komodo.

  5. all-bunnies: heh heh… #1 & #10 are actually the fakes!
    #1 especially- anyone who reads me often enough will know i have way too much of a “thing” about germs for that… as for #10- naming something implies an attachment to it and i’d hate to feel bad when i clean them up…
    the rest are all true! even #9!

  6. P hew, I escaped it 😛

    1. False (I really really hope so!!!)
    2. True
    3. True
    4. True
    5. False
    6. True
    7. True
    8. False
    9. True
    10. False

    How did I do??? Are you going to give us the answers? 😀

  7. Everything but #1 and #9 sound plausible…I thought #4 was true!
    Thanks for playin’!

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