I Got My Camera Back!!!

I got my camera back!!!
I got my camera back!!!
I got my camera back!!!
And just in time for our long weekend away!
My insurance decided to replace my S5600 after I dropped it- since that model has been phased out- and I fetched my Finepix S57000 today!!!
I am SOOOO stoked!!!
Its gawjisss!!!
Its tiny!!!
I LOVE it!!
Its been freezing here, and snowing in the weirdest places- I’m hoping to see snow where Damien and I are going since neither of us has ever seen it except in pictures.

Its Official Bunnies! I Friggin’ ROCK!!!

Yippee-ka-yay mother bunnies!!!

How fantabulistically cool is this!!!
My bestest best friend of 25 years (and we’re not even that old) gave me a

I already put the button in my sidebar ‘coz I was so excited to get it from her!!!
You can get the code for the button here.
First of all- I am going to give it right back to you Genevieve– ‘coz you SO deserve it. You’re my bestest best friend of forever and ever and you’re mommy to two of my godsons!!!

And my official awardees are as follows- in no particular order whatsoever…

Sister B rocks big time! She’s a Christian mommy to three, with a wonderful blog ministry, and she treats her eldest two son’s biological mom like she’s part of the family! I admire my sister Brigitte sooooo much!
Jin gets one ‘coz she’s funny and she makes my mouth water and if I can get her here, she’ll make me a dragon birthday cake when I turn 40!
Terri is a biker chick living in Ireland, who’ll be visiting good ol’ Sowff Effrika soon, she takes spectacular pictures and she definitely rocks!
Faerie gets one for abso-bloody-lutely sure!!! She’s a super cool super mom who makes me laugh!!!
Mel is a Christian, a doula, a mommy and she runs a charity- and she thinks I’m fab! I think she’s spectacular!
Ydnic is part of my family- but this chick SO rocks!!! Mommy to two, wife to one and surrogate to anyone who needs it at any time!
Budvo Dawn sure as hell feels like she’s family- and there’s no doubt in my mind that this chick rocks every chance she gets!

I think maybe I was s’posed to pick 5… but I couldn’t stop there!
And yes- in case you were wondering- I am indeed a fan of the Die Hard movies, and I will be seeing the fourth one as soon as it comes out down South of the equator.

Oh 456…

I just realised that Damien and I leave (with my granny darling) for a long weekend on Thursday morning.
We’ll be back on Sunday night- which means 4 full days with no internet and no email!!!
Sheesh… talk about torture!
I’m going to miss you all terribly bunnies… I’ll be posting tomorrow and wednesday as normal- but then I’ll only be back on Monday!
Does anyone know what what the symptoms of i/net withdrawal are?

Let Us Not Look Back In Anger, Or Forward In Fear, But Around In Awareness.*

As much as I understand the need to examine all the angles; and people’s right to express their opinions; and I have nothing against the article as such- but this is exactly the kind of thing that makes us parents so friggin’ nervous!!!
Ritalin Use Doubles After Divorce is SO not the kind of article you want to come across if your child has just been or is going through the AD/HD diagnosis process. And trust me bunnies- actually getting a diagnosis is no quick thing. It means reams and reams of paperwork and questionnaires, plenty of appointments with doctors and specialists of all sorts and lots and lots of frustration and tears for the child as well as the parents. In my experience- AD/HD medication use does indeed increase after divorce, often because one of the parents is completely anti-medication (something I learned in my support group- I’m not sucking it out of my thumb)… much to the child’s detriment. And the stress of dealing with an AD/HDer is often the cause of divorce, not divorce the cause of ADHD as is often assumed. Here are some snippets from the article…
“Results from a recent Canadian study show that children from broken marriages are twice as likely to be prescribed attention-deficit drugs as children whose parents stay together… Other studies have shown that children of single parents are more likely to get prescribed drugs such as Ritalin… On the other hand, there is also the very public perception that divorce is always bad for kids and so when children of divorce come to the attention of the health-care system- possibly because parents anticipate their child must be going through adjustment problems- doctors may be more likely to diagnose a problem and prescribe Ritalin… In March, a University of California, Berkeley study found that the use of drugs to treat ADHD has more than tripled worldwide since 1993. Strohschein said it is possible that some mental health problems pre-date the divorce…”
The article ended with this question: Ritalin use has a long and checkered history? What are your views on this drug? For what reason was your child prescribed the drug and have you noticed an improvement?
I’d love to hear your opinions…
*James Thurber


Yup, updates.

No bunnies, not here- believe it or not- I have actually updated my confessions blog! It’s just blogthings, nothing hectic… and I updated my photos blog with something funny… and I added a scrapblog to my nephew N’s fan club page, even though his page is never short of updates as such!!! I really am enjoying this scrapblogging thing…