… am I sore or what…!!?!
And I turned into a complete bloody girl this weekend too!
I hate when that happens… and its always just when I think I’m organised and in control!
And NO!!! Thats not why I’m sore- get your minds outta the gutter bunnies!

Quick update to explain my sore backside and the bruise on my inner calf… check out my FLICKR link for photos from our weekend.
As for being a total girl- the 13 year old inside me took over on Saturday afternoon when I met an absolutely DISHY hunk and I spent the whole day reading alterior motives into everything he did! Urgh! Its a looooong time since anyone peaked my interest and he was just sooo yummy…
Anyhoo- enjoy the pictures- we thoroughly enjoyed our ride!

7 thoughts on “Oooooer…

  1. dawn: hey tjomma!!! thats damien in my header, so i best not tell him it’s very brokeback… teehee! i haven’t seen the movie yet…
    i’ll pop round your place tonight!

  2. Hello howzit, Skattie! Gorgeous pics and even better news that the girl has been out fishing. I’m sure it might be tricky, but come on sister ~ FORCE YOURSELF. Check out the very similar ‘clouds and sun’ pic on my post – yeah, yeah, don’t faint – I actually got it together. LOVE the new look – very Brokeback. That movie made me want to rush off and adopt a gay baby cowboy – maybe your fish is the better option for now. Love You and I am going with Damian and Phats and I’ll buy all the goodies. xox

  3. phats: i didn’t land the fish… but i’m thinking of taking steps, teehee.
    what i wouldn’t give for damien to go to the movies with you!!!

  4. What a funny post, hope your bruises heal soon, did you land the fish(guy)

    So I am taking Damien to the Simpsons movie right? you’re buying the popcorn

  5. mel: maybe it would have had i mentioned WHERE i was stiff…

    katy katy katy: duly updated…

  6. well in order to get out of the gutter I shall need more info on your weekly activities!

  7. Oh no, I am a boring bunny as shagging didn’t even cross my mind.

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