Ceeeelebrate Good Times, Come On!

Today- 12 years ago- I got my drivers license!!!
I failed my drivers test the first time I tried it- but I had only had my learner’s license for a few weeks- and unlike most 20 old year old South Africans- I had NOT been driving on the sly for years and years!
So I drove for a few more months, and took parking lessons, and I sailed through my test the second time!

4 thoughts on “Ceeeelebrate Good Times, Come On!

  1. I failed mine twice and not to mention, I waited rather late to get one as you can get one here at sixteen, but I waited until nineteen years of age.

    BTW, thank you for the link!

  2. katy katy katy: sheesh- do they measure the temerature too???!? 0;-p

    gareth: cool, i’m thinking of having a party when i hit 15 years of driving!

  3. I passed my driving test on the 14th May 1996 – 11 years last month 🙂

  4. congrats. i failed my motorcycle license once – because the front and back brakes where not the same temperature

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