Pop Round To SA Parent Life and check out what my mommy darling wrote and emailed to me!!! I have had a lump in my throat all afternoon!
My Mommy Darling gave me a new dragon for my collection! Its adorable- and I so wish my camera worked… as soon as I can I’ll show you a picture- her tail and wings are a glittery purple and her back is sparkly green. She’s holding a “fairy tale dragon” story book.
Greebo has taken to curling up between the arm of the couch my laptop- where it’s warm!
Taxi has suddenly decided he likes snuggling up on my lap! He’s never done that!
Grampa Scratchy is the same- still doesn’t come out of my bedroom- but I’m going to have to start keeping an eye on him, he’s getting fat- older cats have a tendency to make a huge deal over mealtimes and do little else!
I’m Still Sore but now it’s my legs rather than my backside! The bruise on the side of my calf has already faded but my inner thighs and the base of my ribs feels like they should be black and blue!
The Yummy Dish from the weekend is still on my mind- but less- and I’m trying hard not to let my inner adolescent take over again.
I’m Reading an immensely interesting book called “Fingerprints of The Gods” and it’s absolutely fascinating! The author talks about everything from the Olmecs to the Pyramids but he doesn’t speculate on where they went! Its fascinating!

5 thoughts on “Stuphhhhh

  1. katy katy katy: i love it when they snugle- they just never did it before!!!

    allan: teehee, i don’t think the word verification field is programmed to accept pictures, no matter how gorgeous or appropriate!

    gail: hi gail! university… wow. at this point i’m a little doubtful of us finishing school!

    phats: i must see if i can find it in the library.

  2. I just started a new book by James Patterson called Judge and Jury it’s pretty good so far

  3. Hi Angel. What special post your mum wrote.You are all blessed to have such a great relationship.

    I think of you ofetn because of our boys and their struggles. We are still plodding through university over here!!

    Love Gail

  4. That was a beautiful post your MD wrote. Now I’m staring at the dragon at the very bottom of the page …the glittering one.
    I’m trying to copy and paste it into the word verif field, but it isn’t working.

  5. there is nothing better than cuddly kitty cats. I woke up this am with cleo cuddled up to my back all comfy and snug

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