Sing With Me Now!

I know you know the tune- and if you can’t remember- pretend you’re 6 years old and you’re standing on your school playground… Ready? Here goes…

I got a preeeesent…

I got a preeeesent…

A bag of giant M&Ms!

The ones with the nuts in!

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!

I go-ot sweeties and yoo-oo-oou haven’t…

A colleague gave them to mee-eee-eee-eee-ee!

I looo-ooove M&Ms…

It’s a huge bag of Ogre sized peanut M&Ms!!!

Can I eat M&Ms for breakfast?

12 thoughts on “Sing With Me Now!

  1. writeprocrastinator: oh i KNOW you know that song- you’ve heard it and sung it at some stage in your life! and i just ADOOOOOORE peanut butter!

    so you’re no longer spookie? mwaaaaahahahahaha! ja, it worked pretty well… teehee!

    katy katy katy: teehee, me either!

    faerie: yay for me!

  2. “I got a ice cream, I got a ice cream and you can’t have one cause you’re with the welfare!!”

    I am jealous – I don’t get choccies at work from anyone, it’s the best thing to have when you are feeling down I hear…

  3. I’ve never heard that tune, it’s catchy. Count Chocula is kinda of nasty beyond age twelve and it is patterned after Coco Puffs which are no better.

    We have Reese’s Peanut Butter cereal which taste not quite as good as their Peanut Butter cups.

  4. katt: heh heh- i did- i stuck it out till about 10am, then i opened the bag, offered my three colleagues some (one of whom had never had m&ms before) and polished off the rest of the bag by 11:30ish!!!

  5. Of course you can eat chocolate for breakfast. It is one of the rules of being a big girl now.


  6. nmotb: har har tjomma!!! did you enjoy your snooze? scrapbooking was fun, i got one page done and my mom did a couple. it was fun. i might join you tomorrow morning… but i got a shite load of work to do!

  7. Ja, so ummmmm, The husband unit and I kinda took a mid afternoon nap (we are childless) and we have only just (about 10mins ago) skrikked wakker!!!! I have had a terribly busy week and didn’t realise actually how tired I was till I put my head down! I am taking the kids to Wimpy for a breaky tomorrow – so you must maybe come and join me???? but I am going early, say bout 8.30 or so!
    Anyway’s I am so bloody wide awake now!!!!!!!

    I love M&M’s – bought stax of the stuff when I was in the States!!!

    Love Ya = Bye!

  8. terri: so, um, wouldn’t giant peanut m&m’s help then?

    h.e.: we DON’T have “count chocula”! i googled it (i’m a google slave) and it looks really yummy!!!
    um… so how does every male’s day start?

  9. Yes you can have M&Ms for Breakie..but only if you are out of Count Chocula!
    Do you have Count Chocula?

    I like terri’s warning which is of course a moot point for us males since every morning starts off the same way ((sigh))
    …much like the movie Groundhog Day if you think about it.

    Oh well it’s nice to be regular!

  10. They say chocolate stimulates the same hormone in your body as sex does.
    They say peanuts make you horny.
    In view of the last week’s theme (I’ve been doing a bit of catch-up reading) do you think M&M’s are a wise choice for breakfast?
    LOL! Only teasing, Luvvie – enjoy!!!

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