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This is a list of ten things about the letter “Q”… is this a meme? I think it may be- apparently I’m supposed to offer to give people letters if they leave a comment saying they’d like one- so feel free. But what Writeprocrastinator did, was leave a comment on someone else’s blog suggesting the letter “Z” instead of saying he’d like a letter! So he did his list, and then he offered me the letter “Q”!
Now lemme see if I can do his “Z” list justice!
1. Quebec. I didn’t know it was a province and a city! Canada in general is on my mind a lot- I have some favourite blogs there- and then I heard about Winnie Mandela being denied entry into Canada– probably because of her criminal record- its not the first time a big shot in South African government has been denied a visa- and I think it’s laughable!
2. Quince. As in quince jelly, this word ALWAYS makes me think of my late Ouma…
3. Quagga. An extinct South African zebra, it’s actually quite cute, and there’s a project on the go to try and reproduce it by breeding animals with similar markings and such… but I reckon extinct is extinct, bunnies.
4. Queen. As in the rock band! I just love Freddie Mercury- he was an incredible showman with a fantastic voice! My mommy darling loves their music!
5. Quirk. Idiosyncrasy… oddity… foible… peculiarity… I don’t have any of those!!!
6. Quiet. Something I don’t have an awful lot of- mostly by choice. Quiet for me is at least having music in the background.
7. Quirm. Any other Pterry readers out there? They’ll know what I’m talking about here!
8. Quixotic. Defined by Wiki as being like Don Quixote; romantic to extravagance; absurdly chivalric; apt to be deluded. A favourite word of mine, but I don’t think it defines me at all.
9. Queue. As in a line of people… I’m not mad about them- and having the internet at home has helped me to avoid a lot of them since there’s so much one can do on line- but if I know I‘m going to be stuck in one (like at the licensing department), I just take a book with me.
10. Quetzalcoatl. This is one of my favourite, favourite words, and this is over and above my fascination with archaeology. Quetzalcoatl is usually depicted as a feathered serpent- the god of the Aztecs- and contrary to most assumptions and according to research he was actually opposed to human sacrifice.

Um- I think “Z” must have been harder- ROTFL! If you’d like to play- lemme know in the comments and I’ll give you a letter.

4 thoughts on “Right On Q

  1. We were just as surprised that Winnie was denied entry. Winnie the Pooh however is always welcom because he was namee after my hometown of course.

    Lurved your Ps and Qs.

  2. writeprocrastinator: nuh uh- its made of goannas not koalas! the fur would clog the bottle!

  3. Angel,

    EX-CELL-ENT! That was certainly not the easiest of letters and I’m enjoying myself, just looking things up about the Quagga…which incidentally, sounds like Aussie slang.

    For what? I have no idea. Lager made from koalas?

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