Interface Blunders

Wow- I think this is the longest I’ve gone between posts in a long time- especially since I have no particular reason for not posting, and I’ve been reading all my favs…! I am working on a few things- but I’m working as well… and its interphering with my blogging!
Anyhoo- I wanted to mention this before I forgot about it. There’s an actuality program on local television called “Interface” (Google it if you’d like). I seldom watch it because politicians talking and news and such just make me wanna toss my cookies. But last week the subject matter interested me. They were talking about an (almost free) anonymous cell-phone chat service called MXiT and the implications of anonymity and so on and so forth. Patricia de Lille was one of the two guests (she who called for control over blogging a little while ago when she was bad-mouthed somewhere in blogworld).
I didn’t hear much of what was said because I was paying attention to the presenter, who over and over again, referred to his teenage daughter named… wait for it… Costarica!!! It was like he was trying to brag about her name he said it so many times!
Then the other guest, the legal advisor for MXiT said “…take a car for existence…” and I heard nothing else for laughing and trying to call my mom to tell her what I’d heard… and then he said “…youngsters can talk unanimously…” he corrected himself- but that set me off gain!
And then Patricia de Lille went on to say that she’d “…made some research…” and she said it more than once- then she said “I don’t want to say you’re talking nonsense but you are talking nonsense now…”
I have no idea what the outcome was, or if there even was one, because I was listening so hard for more mistakes!!!

5 thoughts on “Interface Blunders

  1. “referred to his teenage daughter named… wait for it… Costarica!”

    Where to begin with this? Where to begin?

  2. brigitte: this one was definitely entertaining!

    katy katy katy: i’ll keep my ears open for another one with an interesting topic of conversation…

    allan: heh heh… i never had me one of those!

    justin: oooh… low blow justin, mwaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaa! thats a part of the “issue” people have with things like blogging and mxit!

  3. I suppose an anonymous phone line would be great for extra-marital relationships… now how could I possibly think of anything like that? 🙂

  4. T%hose programs are such a waste of time anyway cause they never get to a point or conclusion. They just sit and argue for an hour with no resolution. But if there is entertainment then it is worth it!

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