In June…

It was my sister C’s birthday on the first!

It was my parent’s anniversary on the second!And tomorrow- the seventeenth- is Father’s Day!

And for some insane reason… I forgot to mention either one of the first two!!!
I even blogged about the “dish” I met at my sister’s birthday party and about the horse riding the day afterwards… but I mentioned neither of these two big occasions in mine and my family’s life!*

Anyhoodle**… my little sister C turned 27! We celebrated with a magnificent buffet lunch with the whole family! And the gifts? Sister C specifically said in her invitation “Obviously I want for very little… seeing as I don’t need anything, I will collect for my orphans.” You see, my li’l sis visits an orphanage near her and gives the kids a little love and attention- so how cool is her request for gifts! On the same day- sister C celebrated her second year sober! How cool is that. I pray for you every day my darling li’l sis, and I am so immensely proud of what you have achieved!

The day of sister C’s buffet birthday lunch was also my parents wedding anniversary! In this day and age, it’s exceptionally unusual to find a couple not only still married after 30 some years- but also happily so! My folks go out regularly- just the two of them- and as much as they adore their grandchildren- they will not baby sit without sufficient notice, they do have their own lives after all! At the same time- my parents will go to the ends of the earth to help out if one of us gets stuck somewhere or something!

And tomorrow is Father’s Day in good ol’ sunny South Africa. Luckily for me- I have been blessed with a superlative dad. He dotes on his children and adores his grandchildren. When us kids lived at home and went out for the evening- my dad didn’t sleep until we were home safe and sound. He gives us advice if he thinks we really need it- but he never interferes! And even when we make mistakes we think are unfogivable, he’ll hold us in his arms and tell us he loves us before he lectures us! I adore my dad- and I reckon there’re very few people on this planet who have a dad as cool as mine!

But in the same breath, I have to say that father’s day sticks in my craw a little every year. Last year my family was sweet enough to give me my own father’s day card, but it still breaks my heart that Damien doesn’t have a father he can make cards and gifts for when all the other kids do so at school. I know Damien isn’t the only child on the planet who doesn’t have a dad- but the fact that his father is alive and well and living not far from us bugs the hell out of me on father’s day. I know I asked him to stay away- and I’ve said this many times before- I will forever appreciate him and his family respecting my wishes… but my baby’s heart hurts, and that hurts me.

*I have since beaten myself up extensively as punishment for mentioning neither event! I think I’m going to need therapy for my self-imposed cruelty…

**love you and miss you Vangiepants

5 thoughts on “In June…

  1. Very touching Angel. What a rock and a hard place. Maybe you should make if Grandfathers Day and quit beating yourself up.

    Congrats to the Rents and hugs to yer Sis. Astounding determination. Remarkable. Far more impressive than than any Sporting event that you read about in the paper because it can be a minutre by minute event. Humbling.

  2. Always remind him gently, and yourself that he has the most wonderful, loving, mighty Father in Heaven. I know it sounds a little limp at the time – but once he realises how truly deeply he is loved by this Heavenly Daddy – he will be blown away.

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