Okay, I Admit It; I Am A Brad Pitt Fan.

So make fun, ridicule, even laugh if you’d like- but I am.
He really is a hottie- but besides that… I finally decided that since most of my favourite movies have him in them (12 Monkeys, Thelma & Louise, The Mexican, Troy, Seven, Interview With The Vampire, Snatch, Fight Club, Meet Joe Black… to name but a few of my favourites) that it may be a wee bit more than a simple happenstance.
I often see criticism of Brad Pitt in the press- the little bit of press that I read- criticism like claiming he can’t really act, and tagging him “Mr Jolie”… but truly bunnies- if I compare his performance as a lunatic ecological terrorist wannabe in 12 Monkeys with his performance as an Irish Gypsy with a knack for fisticuffs in Snatch… I reckon his acting talent is waaaaaayyyy underrated.
As for the “Mr Jolie” tabloid thing… let’s face it, the man is in love with and loved by the most gorgeous woman in the world- IMHO, its just jealousy!

20 thoughts on “Okay, I Admit It; I Am A Brad Pitt Fan.

  1. i <3 brad pitt he's totally hot! i love his smile... my "crush" has the same mouth as him. yay

  2. Wow, he is gorgeous looking. If only I had had looks like that — but then I would have been a frequent visitor to the STD Clinic. 🙂

  3. peong: oooh- true romance is also a fav of mine, i must watch it again! haven’t seen “spy game”…

    lisa: couldn’t agree more!

    cheryl: oooh… matt mchoney’s accent makes me drool!!!

    brigitte who used to be spookie: dempsey has definitely improved with age…

    h.e.: i love 12 monkeys- i’ve seen it so many times!

  4. They are all just jealous. I loved him in 12 monkeys “OUTTA MY CHAIR”
    and snathch “DE YU LIKE DEGS?” and Legends and well just about everything.
    He takes the roles of unflattering characters it isn’t like the old days when the leading men always wore the white hat. I think that he usually has to stretch, often does accents, what more do you want? He just happens to look like a god. Troy was awesome.
    I have to agree with you 100% on this one Angel, it is more than happenstance.

  5. YAY Cheryl!!!! So do I, McHONEY I call him. And please go and google Patrick Dempsey – he’s just so yummy too. He’s from that doctor show… They call him McDreamy or something like that. I don’t watch the show, but I have always liked him too.

    If you smaak Matthew, you’ll LOVE patrick too.

  6. And, oh yeah, I LOVE me some Matthew M. Love my Texas boys!!! (I prefer him over Brad by quite a bit; sorry! lol)

  7. I think he’s a fantastic actor, and awfully varied, (though his small roll as the stoner roommate in true romance may be my favorite) and for one of the best comparisons, go watch “spy game” then try to tell me that in both the looks and talent department he isn’t another Redford type performer.

  8. muriel: hhmmm- “lethal weapon” & “bird on a wire”… ooh ooh- and “hamlet”! and “what women want”!

  9. I still have a little secret pash for Mel Gibson. I know he’s gone off lately but I found a pic of him in a record store in London 20 years ago and sent it to my sister. ‘Watch this guy,’ I said. Then he was in Munity on the Bounty and OMG. So v v gorgeous. My teenage kids now tell me he’s ‘just old’. But I can’t forget how gorgeous he once was.

  10. brigitte who used to be spookie: “mchoney” indeed! could not agree with you more… that southern drawl of his is just SOOOO divine!!!

  11. There is NO doubt that he is just gorgeous. And his acting abilities are not bad either. I saw him play in a thriller once too – he was the killer. I cannot remember the movies name though. But it was pretty scary.

    The thing is Matthew MacHONEY has been voted the sexiest man in hollywood or something to that effect (It’s in the people mag I think) And he REALLY does it for me!

  12. katy katy katy: wasn’t it just- and it never wears off, i musta watched it 7 or 8 times already!

    janine: ooh yummy- and those abs!!!

    supermom: teehee, proud fellow fan eh?

  13. Oh my goodness – watched him in Troy last night and had to really struggle to keep a straight face in front of hubbie – all those wonderful chest shots! 🙂

  14. yeah he is such a hottie. I think he is a great actor – like you said him in 12 Monkey – that was just freaky

  15. mel: i haven’t seen prison break… i will eventually!

    jin: aaah- i clean forgot kalifornia- it was brilliantly chilling!

  16. Oh..I <3 Brad too.
    Very much so.
    I even loved his ‘icky character’ in Kalifornia.

    That smile melts me.

  17. OK, I am now breathless! He is one hot dude, check his bod!! He used to be my first love but now Wentworth from Prison Break is my new boyfriend. I also love George C. He is an ex actually.

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