How cool is this bunnies- Caleb from saw a comment I made about not knowing how to share my scrapblogging attempts here- so he emailed me and told me how!!! Talk about service!!!

8 thoughts on “Scrapblogging!!!

  1. justin: thank you! i’m rather pleased with how they came out since i took most of the pictures too!

  2. That’s a lovely idea, Angel — lovely photos of Damien (and great photos of the photos). I’m going to try out something similar that’s on Andrea Pratt’s blog — the third icon on my list of favourite blogs — see her entry for 14 June, and you’ll see a slide show, she’s created.

  3. phats: thanx dude! i intend doing more!
    damien is fine- today is the last day of the second school term of the year and he’s off on a three week holiday. although he’ll be working full day everyday, he’s very excited!

  4. katy katy katy: so do i!!! you going to do one?

    cheryl: i’m definitely going to do some more scrapblogging! if i like any of my pages, i might scan them in…

    h.e.: haha- cats pyjamas- i love that! thanx!

  5. Damien is adorable…awww…and that scrapbooking thingamabob is the cat’s pyjamas!

  6. Ooh how fun!!
    Also–you can just take some good photos of your pages, projects and post them. And if you have a scanner, it really works well to scan them in. That’s how I share my pages on my blog!
    I always love to see others’ scrap projects, so I can’t wait to keep seeing more of yours! Cool!

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