Grand Jeté, Fouetté En Tournant, and so many more!!!

Last night- actually yesterday afternoon, sister B phoned me and surprised me and mommy darling with tickets to the ballet!!! She had tickets for the YDCT production of “Paquita and other works” at a little theatre in Pretoria last night.
I adore the ballet, and I haven’t been in forever! So after some exhaustion induced umming and aahing- I said to count me in! I dashed home after work, bathed, washed AND blow dried my hair… WITH mousse (which I usually only do for weddings and the like), I put make up on and dressed appropriately for the theatre! I was tempted to take a boa with me- but I don’t have one to go with the outfit I was wearing.
I collected mommy darling, left Damien with my daddy darling, collected sister B and headed for sister B’s friends, whom we were to follow to the theatre.
The first part of the evening was an excerpt from the ballet
Paquita, which is Spanish if I’m not mistaken, and it was classical ballet in tutus and all! Spectacular! After a short interval during which mommy darling, sister B and I giggled ourselves silly, there was a slightly more modern type of ballet set to the music from the movie The Mission, composed by Ennio Morricone. The music is truly beautiful and this piece had me in tears! Then there was another brief interval and then they danced a fairly modern tribute to Aretha Franklin! This piece was awe inspiring, and almost indescribable- I’m battling to find words to describe to you the chemistry that was happening on stage between the two lead dancers. Flawless. I have never seen two people move together like the couple who danced last night did. The word that keeps coming to mind is fluid but it is so not sufficient. I know he was Renier Cilliers- but I’m not sure if he was dancing with Michelle van der Nest or Mariette Opperman (they’re both lead dancers). I honestly have never have imagined ballet danced to pop music, and I was very very pleasantly surprised! They used four or five original Aretha Franklin tracks and the performance blew me away!
After another brief interval, the company danced act 2 from
La Source. This was also a more classical performance with the lead dancer in a pink and gold tutu. Wonderful!
I thoroughly enjoyed it- thank you darling sister B for a fantabulous evening out!!!

6 thoughts on “Grand Jeté, Fouetté En Tournant, and so many more!!!

  1. Guess what. Renier Cilliers has been my friend for 9 years now. Go search him on facebook. Haha

  2. Ag it was all thaks to Reta! She knew we would all enjoy it and SO glad she thought of us. It was lovely and I had a lovely evening too!!

  3. katy katy katy: it was fabulous to go again, i hope you get to go again soon…

  4. i haven’t been to the theater in forever i miss it but its just not possible for now

  5. Oh, this sounds like my kind of night!! That sounds wonderful!!
    I love the ballet, and the symphony, all that “cultural” stuff (lol); I just don’t get to go too often anymore.
    Sounds like a great time!!

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