Finally, The Weekend Post- As Promised!

It was entertaining and it was exhausting- I need a week off to recover!
My mommy and daddy darling took Damien, my granny darling, and I to the airport- with a suitcase each, not bad eh? We had arranged for a wheelchair to help granny darling at the airport- lots of walking and standing are not her strong points. Sadly, despite trying to make things as smooth and convenient for my granny darling as possible- she panics very easily and didn’t sleep at all the night before we flew, sadly- even though we flew rather than drove- I think this will be the last time she travels anywhere…
The plane trip was spectacular! I haven’t flown in twenty something years; and this was Damien’s first ever flight- and both of us spent the entire trip leaning as far over as the inch thick window would allow us to do! I tried to take pictures, but the glass is thick and distorts things a wee bit… we even got a sandwich and a cold drink each, which I didn’t expect on such a short flight.
Landing at such a tiny airport was a little strange- as was flying in a small prop plane- but very entertaining! And freezing! There was lots of snow on the mountains all around us and the wind blowing off them was icy, to put it mildly. Of course- being a farming area there were LOTS of horses around, which I always love. My aunt has two horses and the one farm she manages has four of them as well as a herd of Nguni cows- which was very cool to see. Damien and I also saw some spectacular bird life- jackal buzzards, a crowned eagle, a secretary bird and a gymnogene! We were very busy too- I watched “The Queen” with my granny darling, Damien went fishing and horse riding… in fact I barely saw him the four days we were there! Damien spent his time outside walking, drawing, bird watching, going to work with my uncle and smoking, tee-hee. I baked cookies with my cousin K (who is also my god daughter), we drove around to see the firestorm devastation, I went shopping with my aunt a coupla times, we watched LOTR 1 and 2 and of course I ate waaaay too much for my own good…
Here’s a description of the pictures from the last post is as follows, from top to bottom…
1. Damien boarding the plane- he was looking and smiling at me… till the silly tart got in the way!
2. Damien belted into his seat and waiting for takeoff
3. the clouds from Damien’s window
4. the snow bedecked Drakensberg out of my window
5. my view out of the window- the Drakensberg, some clouds and the planes propeller!
6. descending through the clouds…
7. after arriving at the little airport- that was the plane we were on!
8. the Nguni bulls that my aunt manages
9. my aunt and Damien preparing to saddle up the massive “Silent Art” for a short outride
10. Damien on “Drummer-boy”, and what a beautiful horse
11. a crowned eagle
12. a secretary bird
13. moss in my aunt’s garden
14. “Drummer-boy” and “Prince Rupert”
15. the corner of my aunt’s garden with the firewood supply
16. the fireplace- all day every day!
17. snow covered mountains surrounding my aunt’s farm!
18. my aunt’s horses- “Stollie” and “Jablan”
19. more of the snow covered mountains surrounding us this last weekend…
20. I tried to take a picture of the city from the air… it was spectacular!

6 thoughts on “Finally, The Weekend Post- As Promised!

  1. kingcover: it was incredible- and i’d love to do it more often!

    katy katy katy: i spose thats like everything in life…

    allan: it is a nice name innit… and we did mostly.

    genevieve: indeedy!

    e.c.: thank you, thank you!

  2. Awesome! I am so happy you and Damien had a chance to get away and have some fun! And to be able to fly, eh? Nothing, nothing like it! I’ve always loved flying. Awesome pictures – loved (of course) the horses and that fireplace! Thanks for sharing with us! Welcome home!

  3. “Silent Art” is a great horse-name.
    What a wonderful weekend, glad you enjoyed it.

  4. wow sounds marvelous. i am on planes almost every month so its not that exciting anymore

  5. The last time I was on a plane was a couple of years ago and I loved every minute of it especially the start of it. Waiting for the engines to fire up and then speeding down the runway. It’s hard to beat that 🙂

    I love your pics on the previous post! I never get tired of seeing cloud cover from a plane. Gives you a different perspective of earth from way up there.

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