If That Was The Weekend, I’ve Had It…

I’m so sorry I’ve been so scarce bunnies- since last weekend I’m waaaay behind on reading and posting! And it’s been a helluva hectic weekend! So what was Friday night all about? I had a fantabulistic time to say the very least! See, a coupla weeks ago, Ydnic said she wanted to take me somewhere- but wanted to surprise me. All she said was to dress really warmly and that there’d be coffee there… I was sold, but very curious, LOL, I even bought a beanie! Ydnic and her hubby picked me up at about 7 on Friday night and we drove through to a drumming circle!!! I’d never been to one and I had a total blast. This particular one has been around for some time but I didn’t know it was there. It’s a big stepped circle, paved with river stones, with a raised fireplace in the middle. We got there early so as to make sure we got nice seats, then went and hired ourselves each a drum (mine is the coloured one on the second photo collage). Above and on the outside of the circle is a collection of pine cones, pine needles and wood and everyone feeds the fire as they think its necessary. You can go and stand in the centre of the circle and drum if you’d like, and people were dancing there too- and I tell you, some of those drummers are quite incredible. There were drums, didgeridoos, shakers, whistles and mouth organs and everyone just goes ballistic all night. Trying to create and keep a rhythm, or speed it up, or slow it down… its hellishingly noisy but absolutely wonderful at the same time! There is also a big sand circle for fire dancers and you can even take a few impromptu lessons from them! I had such fun! I even used Ydnic’s shakers when my fingers were tingling too much to drum anymore!

On Saturday, sister B and I were going to go to Kyalami for the national race day, but when I collected my tickets- they weren’t the luxury box tickets I was hoping for- and since sister B is not such a big race fan, we decided not to go. Instead, we went for breakfast at “Harries Pancakes” (where I finished sister B’s caramel ‘coz she had had too much sugar, poor thing). We then did some window shopping and decided on the spur of the moment to go to the movies! Then Gen a.k.a. NMOTB called to invite us for coffee, and I invited her to the movies instead. We went to see Die Hard 4.0!!! It was spectacular!!! I was on the edge of my seat through the whole thing- truly magnificent!!! Ooh and I taught Gen the movie trick of pouring MandMs or Smarties into one’s popcorn- which is a real treat! Later, after having coffee with Gen, sister B and I went to fetch Damien, who’d been with my mommy darling for the day, and then rented a few movies. At her house we watched Bandits (which sister B recommended) and Prestige (which I’ve wanted to watch since it came out); both of them were highly enjoyable and highly recommended!

Sunday afternoon was spent at sister C’s! Sister B, nephew S, nephew D, Damien and I went for lunch- divine roast chicken and veggies with rice- and played Scrabble round sister C’s kitchen table. Then my mommy and daddy darling, da bruvva, SIL and nephew N arrived for afternoon coffee and we all thoroughly enjoyed the muffins my sister had baked! We thoroughly enjoyed some of sister B’s significant other’s homemade biltong and her baby Izzie kept us all entertained! We left when it got dark, and I came home to watch Casanova… which I have been waiting to see since it came out.

Hopefully the rest of the week will return to more or less normal so I can again catch up on everyone’s writings as well as my own!


8 thoughts on “If That Was The Weekend, I’ve Had It…

  1. allan: i reckon you should try it! the interweb is indeed magic- i’ve always loved my camera and i so love catching a glimpse of other people’s lives!

  2. So cool…some of my favorite dreams involve fire dancing, but I have never participated in one. Sounds awesome!

    Man, it’s great to be able to see pics from so far away…the internet is like magic or something…

  3. katy katy katy: she doesn’t talk yet, she’s still a baby- but she and sister c are working at it!

    brigitte (who was spookie): heh heh… i do that a lot- i think i should start referring to “brigitte” & “madam”… what say you? the weekend was a total jol!

    katt: heh heh… will you let my boss know!??!?

    gen: we really must!

  4. Looks like both our weekends turned out hectic but lekker!!! The movies was a jol – we must really do it again sometime!

  5. Oh, and i had a wonderful weekend. Thank you So much!! I can’t remember when lst you and me spent some time together like that. I really enjoyed it.

    luff you plenty!!!

  6. That was Sister C’s significant other’s biltong, and we did see Casanova on one of our Ladies Movie nights… or did you miss it?

  7. cute birdie does it talk? I want to see die hard we are going to try to make it to the movies wednesday. Grumpy works 2nd shift this week so he goes into work when i am off which kind of sucks but his boss said she is trying to get someone to cover his wednesday shift

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